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We spend hundreds and thousands of rupees in getting a degree with the aim to earn a livelihood. Anyone who passes out from the college wants to get on the job as soon as possible. However, most employers look for experience in a prospective employee, something which is missing in a fresh new graduate. One can increase the probability of getting employed if one learns some traits that make the person industry ready and fit to be hired for the job instantly. In this article, we will discuss some of the traits that you can bag to make yourself more employable than others.

1.Practical Knowledge of Doing Things

If you want to get hired by a company soon after completing your studies, you should give due weightage to the practical aspect of the theoretical knowledge you acquire. It is not sufficient just to cram up things without knowing how things are done practically. If you can demonstrate how to implement the theoretical knowledge you have then your chances of getting hired will improve significantly. At CGC Jhanjeri, students are given adequate practical exposure.

2.Sharpen Your Communication Skills

This is the main point in almost every article written to provide tips on increasing your chances of getting employed. Regardless of how good your educational background is, if you are not able to communicate yourself properly, your knowledge will be of little use to you. You may be hired because of your technical prowess, but moving up the progress ladder will be difficult for you. CGCians are encouraged to participate in various activities both inside the classroom and outside, which improves their communication skills.

3.Inculcate the Habit of Innovation

Form a habit to think out of the box, try to find an easier and more competitive way of performing a task. If you can provide a company with a method to save on expenditure or increase their profit, you have better chances of getting hired and finding your way up the ladder. In this competitive world, the secret of survival and growth of any company is to find and implement efficient ways of doing things. CGC Jhanjeri has state-of-the-art laboratories providing students an opportune environment to think out of the box and innovate.

4.Read Books and Newspapers Regularly

To increase your probability of getting employed it is important to read books that are related not just to your subject or program, but others as well. The objective is to keep yourself current with all is happening around you and how things are evolving. Employers prefer to have employees who are not just book worms and know things that are happening around them. For a habit to read a newspaper or book at least half an hour daily, as this will improve your thinking process as well.

5.Build Your Profile to Show Your Accomplishments

In this competitive world, it is not sufficient to have the capability or the competency to perform a task, one also needs to be presentable and be able to exhibit his or her qualifications and capabilities convincingly. It is important to build a profile in a way so your qualities and accomplishments are visible to the employer. At CGC Jhanjeri students are taught how to make the most of the situation presented by convincingly presenting themselves.

6.Pursue Online Courses to Hone Your Skills

If you are sitting idle at home due to COVID-19 lockdown than the best way to utilize your time is by learning something online. This will not only result in multi-dimensional development of your personality, but it will also make you more competent in the job market, and a ready prospect to be hired. So if you want to make yourself industry ready, it is better to learn some new skill online.

7.Work on Your Weak Areas

It is quite difficult to remove a habit, so, in place of hiding it, bring it out and showcase it. It is about presenting your weak areas in a way that it looks positive to your prospective employer. Support your verdict with reasons to convince the prospective employer that your weak areas will benefit the company ultimately. The trick here is to present your weaknesses in a way that it looks profitable to the company for whom you want to work for. CGC Jhanjeri makes sure that its students work and improves on their weakness and pass out as a complete professional.

8.Learn to Organize and Manage Your Time

It is about getting the maximum output in a given amount of time. Learn to organize and manage things as this is the only way you will be able to utilize your talent and get the maximum benefit out of it. Many people have the talent but they are too lazy and for such people, their talent is of no use and neither for the company they are employed in. Productivity matters a lot when you are working for a company and will ultimately determine your progress there.

9.Connect & Network with People around You

Be a familiar face among the people who are working around you. Developing a strong and elaborate network is essential for your progress and also to get hired in the first place. Making yourself industry ready is not just about acquiring the skills that are required in there but also about getting to know people who can help you find a place in the industry and for your progress and hierarchy climb later on.

10.International Exposure a Must for Any Employee

Sooner or later, every company may feel the need to move overseas as part of its expansion plan. To accomplish their objective they want to have employees who have international exposure and can contribute readily to the objective of the company. If you have attained international exposure during college time through a student exchange program or credit transfer program then you will be in a better position to accomplish these tasks.

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri – one of the most reputed colleges in the whole of North India ensures that its students get the best of facilities that can result in the best of professional development. Still, as a student, you should also take care of your career, and by implementing the above-mentioned points your chances of getting hired to improve considerably. The academic staff here provides the best of academic input and practical exposure, to make them industry-ready. It is no surprise that CGC Jhanjeri has such a phenomenal placement record year after year with most of the students getting placed even before they pass out from the college.

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