Installation of ASHRAE Student Chapter At CGC Technical Campus


ASHRAE India Chapter (AIC) is the first and oldest (1990) of the ASHRAE Chapters in the country. It has more than 300 ASHRAE members located in North and Eastern India. The Indian chapters belong to Region-At-Large (RAL), the largest of the 14 regions of ASHRAE. RAL was formed in 2001 and contains individual members and chapters in Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent.

Dr. G.D Bansal (Director General – CGC Technical Campus) shared few words of wisdom and thanked ASHRAE delegates for supporting in student chapter establishment and also suggested his students to consider it as another step towards building career in the field of HVAC.

Mr. Dinesh Rawat – Coordinator ASHRAE India Chapter addressed students on benefit of student association with ASHRAE.
Speaking on this occasion, a special message was shared by Mr. K D Singh, Past President ASHRAE India Chapter, and Managing Director Aircon Engineers Pvt Ltd. on topic.

‘’Waste to Energy” in which he briefed the process of generating energy in the form of electricity from the primary treatment of waste and also the processing of waste into a fuel source which is the need of the hour in India.

During installation of this chapter in CGC Technical Campus Mr. Money Khanna a renowned BEE Certified ECBC Master Trainer, guided students for designing innovations and for improving existing technologies in the best possible manner” He gave a brief introduction about HVAC industry and stressed on energy efficiencies of systems and their environmental impacts. He motivated the students to take steps towards energy savings and opportunity for the students in this field.

By networking with ASHRAE Chapter, mechanical engineering students will have a great opportunity for young upcoming engineers of CGC Technical campus, to develop their skill in Air conditioning field by getting trained from practicing engineers in the HVAC industry.  Involvement of CGC Student with the ASHRAE will gain skill development, practical experience, professional development and further placement opportunity with this invaluable experience.

HVAC & R career will be encouraged to participate in ISHRAE to further their knowledge. Even if student’s career interest is in another industry, the involvement with the ISHRAE Student Chapter will be an invaluable transferable experience.

Prof. (Dr.) Rajeev Kumar, Head of Department, Mechanical, proposed the vote of thanks.

EVENT: Installation of ASHRAE student chapter on 18.10.2019

Event Outline & Outcome of the event

Air conditioner is becoming a necessity in current scenario due to increase in outside temperature and global warming. In view to bridge the gap between the curriculum and current industry practices in the field of HVAC (Heating, ventilating and Air conditioning), student chapter of ASHRAE – American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers was established at CGC Technical campus, Jhanjeri, Mohali on 18th October 2019 to train future engineers for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) industry with support of ASHRAE Chandigarh Section.

Event Coordinator (College)

Event Coordinator Dr. Shalom Akhai

Event Coordinator (ASHRAE)

Event Coordinator Mr. Money Khanna – Co-Chair – Young Engineers in ASHRAE India Chapter

Organized & Managed By

Department of Mechanical Engineering CGC Technical Campus, Jhanjeri Date: 18th October, 2019


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