Do you like expressing your emotions through pictures and graphics? The field of animation must be of interest to you and a degree in B.Sc. Multimedia from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri will be a good point to start with. In this article, you will get to know about future demand and job opportunities that are there in the field of B.Sc. Multimedia along with that a brief look on the eligibility criteria, course details, syllabus, admission process, and career prospects. In case someone is not aware, animation is an art or a process in which an illusion of change or motion is created through rapidly moving static images that differ from each other only a small scale. The character appears like they are moving or performing some act even they are just images.

Animation sequences used to be traditionally created through a technique known as stop motion. This one frame at a time is shown in rapid succession even though the speeds at which they are shown are at a high rate. With a B.Sc. (multimedia) degree when you become an animator you will be using techniques such as 2D computer generated and hand drawing, model animation, or stop motion techniques to create sequences of animation. The traditional method of pen and paper has now transformed into computers and software, where the same work is being done virtually in 2D or 3D format. This art is also known by the name CGI.

The program of B.Sc. (Multimedia) from CGC Jhanjeri will allow students to attain specialization in different subjects. Before you embark on this career it is important to do some self-analysis on the inherent qualities and skills that are required from your side. Here are some of the traits that you need to have – creativity, good observational skills, patience and concentration, drawing/sketching skills, computer and software skills, eye for detail, communication skills (as you will be working in a team), ability to get yourself into a character and teamwork skills. Details of the course are mentioned ahead.

Let’s take a brief look at the details of the course. The undergraduate program of B.Sc. (Multimedia) is of three years and the academic program comprises of practical training workshops and sessions and classroom lectures. The academic program comprises 6 semesters with the distribution of 6 months for each semester. An integral part of this course includes assignments and project work and other regular evaluations and another form of practical training. The creative field of multimedia has ample opportunities for growth and the pay scale given to professionals is considerably high. If you wish to make a career in this field that it is the right career to choose.

What are the Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process to Pursue B.Sc. (Multimedia)?

All those who want to pursue Bachelor of Science in Multimedia from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri one need to have passed senior secondary in science, commerce, or arts to be eligible for the course. A minimum aggregate score of 50% is also required to qualify to sit for the entrance examination. A deep sense of how emotions can be presented with moving pictures and how to make things interesting is of utmost importance. The procedure of admission is not difficult for meritorious students who have already shown seriousness towards their studies. If you are serious about making a career in the field of multimedia then waste no time in taking admission in CGC Jhanjeri.

Syllabus – What all you will be studying in B.Sc. (Multimedia)?

It is time to have a look at what you will be taught in this program. These topics are not all-inclusive and may vary from colleges. Here is what you will be studying – drawing and composition, pre-production, basics of colors, digital imaging, English, advanced 2D animation, computer animation, visual effects, media aesthetics, media management, 3D modeling and animation, and an elective subject. Along with the theoretical knowledge, this program also involves an exhaustive amount of practical sessions that are also attached to it. A good amount of practical exposure is a must to become successful in this profession.

One can attain specialization in a given field and elective topics that are available include visual effects, 3D production, lighting and rendering, character modeling, animation and development, sketching and illustration, 3D texturing, graphic design, game design, and art. Specialization in a particular field is a must, because this being an extremely wide field, one person cannot be proficient in all of them. A considerable amount of project work is also involved during the program tenure and once you complete this graduation you will be able to handle different kinds of projects that this field will throw up at you. A B.Sc. (Multimedia) degree from CGC Jhanjeri will enable you to learn the latest that the industry has to offer.

Job Opportunities and Career Prospects with B.Sc. (Multimedia) degree from CGC Jhanjeri?

Multimedia has grown into a famous career option for students in India. It is not long ago that this field was unknown to the majority of students and the infrastructure was not that much to provide with the proper education. Film production houses, studios, and animation companies are investing a large sum of money in this field and have installed the latest software and hardware for the field. All this has resulted in a large employment generation in this field. Creating animation clips is not just about sketching, drawing, and bringing characters at the forefront using different software, but there are several stages and processes taking place in this activity.

Some of the job profiles that are there for B.Sc. (Multimedia) graduates from CGC Jhanjeri are production designer, director, scriptwriter, animator, illustrator, storyboard artist, editor, and compositor. This list is not all-inclusive and there are numerous other job profiles that one can take after obtaining this degree. A multimedia professional can also work as a freelancer, or start up their own business and may also work in a supervised setup. Companies that are looking for multimedia professionals include – film production houses, media agencies, advertising agencies, post-production houses, advertising agencies, computer/mobile game developers, and web entities such as E-magazines, e-commerce websites, etc.

Why pursue a B.Sc. (Multimedia) from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri?

One of the most renowned colleges in the whole of North India, CGC Jhanjeri is the place to be if you want to do a B.Sc. (Multimedia). The college has carved out a distinct niche with its exemplary work in the field of higher education; the record setting placement service has ensured that all the students are placed even before they pass out from the college. CGCIANS are provided with enriching practical exposure which makes them ready for the job and it is easy for them to integrate into the company without any hassle. College students have filed several patents and are doing it regularly; this indicates the exhaustive laboratory exposure that is given to students where they test what is being taught to them in classrooms while trying out new things.

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