A Brief Analysis of Best Courses after 12th Medical for Students at Crossroad of Making Career Decision

Much before you achieve your milestone of attaining a 12th class certificate, you start worrying about courses after 12th medical that you can opt for. In this write-up, we talk in detail about the career options available and courses after 12th medical you can take and what is the future scope in different fields. All these programs are evergreen, meaning they keep creating demand for more professionals throughout the year.

  1. Doctor (MBBS)

Engage yourself in helping people recover from their illness or injury by becoming a doctor. There are numerous sectors you can specialize in here such as cardiology, neurology, nephrology, urology, etc.

  1. Veterinary (B.V.Sc.)

Give a professional mold to your love for animals by picking up this medical profession. You make also specialize to perform surgery on animals to treat them. A career in treating these living being will give you emotional peace as well. 

  1. Homeopathy (BHMS)

Coming to the field of alternate medicine, becoming a homeopathic doctor is another field you can take if you are from a science background. The five and a half year course will cover a wide range of topics.

  1. Ayurveda (BAMS)

Using extracts from natural sources, an ayurvedic practitioner treats people suffering from stress, related diseases and eliminates impurities from the body. Several job options open up with this degree.

  1. Public Health Administration

A profession in raising awareness about hygiene among the public is called public health administration. You can be employed in government organizations, hospitals, or even in non-profit institutions. 

  1. Optometry (B. Optom.)

An optometrist is the first person to be contacted when we face any problem related to the eye. Science background students can make a career in this field after completing their senior secondary.

  1. Physiotherapy

You can make a profession by helping people suffering from physical problems caused due to aging, injury, or illness. Physiotherapists work in hospitals, private clinics, and various psychiatric settings.

  1. Radiology

As a radiology technician, you will be engaged in diagnosing injuries, using various equipments such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, x-ray, etc.

List of Courses after 12th Medical that is offered at CGC Jhanjeri is –

B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Sciences

The best college in Chandigarh to obtain your B.Sc. A Medical Laboratory Sciences degree will develop your skills in immunology, molecular biology, hematology, histology, etc. Your analysis as a professional in this field will play a pivotal role in the decision made by doctors.

B.Sc. MLS Career Scope – Demand for professionals in this field is increasing at a rate of 7% annually. With the right degree, qualified professionals can hold key positions in a medical service organization, such as –

  • Supervisor
  • Regulatory Affairs Officer
  • Health Care Administrator
  • Quality Manager
  • Laboratory Manager

B.Sc. MLA Placement Record – the full-fledged dedicated placement team at CGC Jhanjeri ensures that all the students are placed. As of now, over eighty percent placement record has been maintained by the college.

B.Sc. (Hons.) Nutrition and Dietetics

B.Sc. (Hons.) Nutrition and Dietetics from CGC Jhanjeri will develop the skills and knowledge to identify nutrition and dietary problems in the population segment and come out with a viable solution to control them. This career path promises to provide loads of moral satisfaction along with monetary gain

B.Sc. (Hons.) Nutrition and Dietetics Career Scope – A range of career options open up with this degree from the best college in Chandigarh. You can work in different departments such as –

  • Community health centers
  • Oncology
  • Pediatrics
  • Drug De-addiction
  • Nephrology

B.Sc. (Hons.) Nutrition and Dietetics Placement Record – Graduates from this department have been hired at a respectable salary package of 2.3 LPA to 3.6 LPA. 

B.Sc. (Forensic Sciences)

The interdisciplinary program at the best college in Mohali comprises criminal psychology, toxicology, anthropology, forensic ballistics, forensic medicine, and much more. All those who have passed 10+2 in biology can pursue B.Sc. (Forensic Sciences).

B.Sc. (Forensic Sciences) Career Scope – In this time of increasing crime rate and people breaking laws, the need for a professionally qualified forensic scientist is on the rise. One can work in various departments after completing this degree –

  • Narcotics department
  • Defence Army
  • Detective Agencies
  • State & Central Labs
  • Crime Branch


B.Sc. (Forensic Sciences) Placement Record – The demand for forensic professionals is increasing at 14% annually, much more than many other industries. Graduates from CGC Jhanjeri have been placed in renowned organizations across India.


Pursue Courses after 12th Medical from CGC Jhanjeri – The award-winning college is indisputably one of the best colleges in North India and holds the promise to take your career to a new high. After completing your 12th in medical, you can take up a distinctive course from here and make a fulfilling career.