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Top 5 Technical skills every student should know

Top 5 Technical skills every student should know

In the modern day where education has advanced along with technology and the methodology, it is highly necessary to make sure that a strong academic background is backed with practical knowledge as well as experience and pro-activeness in the outside world. As we move into the generation of e-learning and high-end technology, we list out the necessary technical skills which are a necessity for the students to develop their overall awareness and leave a lasting impact on anyone they encounter. While these skills might not seem like a big deal, but it is very important to realize the fact that getting good grades is very easy as compared to getting recognized for your capabilities. Follow us to see the necessary technical skills for the modern day student.


Software Suite Skills
While this might seem surprising, but, it is true that a number of students have difficulties navigating through simple software suites like word processors, spreadsheet, and presentation program and simple designing software. The most common of these is famously known as the Microsoft office suite, but other alternatives include Google Drive and Open Office suite which are free to use unlike the latter and follow the same functionality.
Proper knowledge and know-how of these programs not only simplifies common student life chores such as writing papers and reports but also helps innovate and impress their teachers and professors. While most commonly used examples of presentations are diagrams and posters, A PowerPoint presentation can be used to make the most impressive presentations and provide a cutting edge to your presentation skills. Learning functions in Excel can help calculations while practicing typing can help a student work on word processing and speed up their work.

Social Media
Yes, this might come as a shocker to some but social media is actually a skill and needs to be acknowledged by the students more than just a medium to gain popularity and post pictures. While most of us use it to post pictures, catch up with old friends and talk to people, we fail to realize that it does an important task of connecting people, but, this does not necessarily have to be personal relations. How awesome would it be if you looked up that startup CEO on Facebook and contacted him to learn more about his initiative or that group which has been working in the neighborhood for the welfare of stray dogs?
If students are motivated to understand the functionality of social media and realize its importance, it can have a lasting impact on their career and lead them to new heights. Networking on social media has a lasting impact and can open up doors to opportunities at the blink of an eye.

Professional Writing and Drafting skills
This is a skill which most people tend to ignore but it is high time we realized how important it is for students who are prospective corporate employees to have a good hand at writing professionally and having good email drafting skills. Since communication plays an important role in the everyday working of an organization, it is very important for the employees to put forward their ideas and thoughts. Hence, it is an absolute must for the students to start working on their professional writing skills in early college days.
Not only email writing, but these skills can take you a long way in terms of presentation and communicating with seniors and coworkers. Expressing can be difficult if correct words aren’t used and can be misinterpreted. Excellent writing skills can also help you gain a good social media presence and reputable impression on others.

Online Safety and Security
As we move into an era of technological advances and development and watch our lives’ transition into a simpler and intelligent phase, we also encounter a lot of attacks at our safety and privacy. Online security and safety is a very important aspect of all our dealings with technology and is a must for all the students. Security and alertness are not only required in the physical world but is equally important virtually as well to protect yourself from hackers and net attackers trying to invade your privacy leading to internet crimes.
Students need to be able to understand the risks of viruses, intrusions, and online attacks which are aimed to gain access to their passwords, files, and financial details. This type of knowledge is necessary as a company looks up to people who are active and can sense threats and tackle them efficiently.

Internet Navigation and Netiquette
We have been talking a lot about how students need to be active on social media and keep themselves secure online, but, what we forgot to mention was that being ‘online’ is possible because of the World Wide Web or the ‘Internet’ as we know it. It is a fact that our lives have transformed over the past few years and everything is moving online which implies that students too have access to the internet which is used for all common activities such as communicating, financial transactions and entertainment.
Hence, it becomes important for them to utilize the benefits of the medium in the most efficient way possible. The Internet is a powerful tool which can help students research and learn new things, considering e-learning is on the rise. It is a self-help tool for the students and one can learn the technicalities of the internet, they have the whole world of information at the touch of a button. This calls for a very important skill.
Secondly, how one acts on the internet is as important as discipline the physical world. How you communicate online reflects the person that you are in real life and it is important to be aware of netiquettes to get the best experience of the internet. Many employers these days monitor your online activity, hence, netiquette is important.

The above-mentioned points are necessary for any student and these technicalities should be kept in mind and practiced throughout your student life to have an amazing career ahead.

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