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7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue BBA before MBA
12 Infrastructure Facilities Essential for Holistic Growth

7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue BBA before MBA

The goals worth accomplishing are achieved with a sense of direction and clarified vision. Smart educational choices create better career opportunities. Students interested in pursuing MBA need to build a strong foundation. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) provides that base and gives a sense of direction when it comes to finding the right career route to success. It’s an ideal course for students interested in pursuing their passion towards making a mark in the big Business world. Here are the seven reasons that make it vital for students looking forward to do an MBA after graduation.

CGCJ_Blog (1)1. Introduces one to the Functioning of the Corporate World
A bachelor in Business Administration offers a wide overview of the functioning of corporate world. It’s an introductory field of Business and prepares the students to face real world problems and get adapted to know the functioning of the corporate world and learn the tactics of Business and Economics.
2. Hands on Experience
BBA is comprised of the curriculum that makes students adept at facing the industry centric challenges, letting them work on specific case studies around Business Marketing and Management. The students can receive hands on experience by exploring internship opportunities and get accustomed to various domains, etc.
3. Builds a Base Suitable for MBA
BBA builds the foundation suitable for MBA by including the basic Business Applications and Administration processes and making the basic concepts clear, thereby enabling the students to build a wider perspective.
4. Versatility
BBA is a highly versatile field and opens the doorway to follow a career in Human Resource Development, Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. Instead of limiting students to one specific area, it opens up the diverse career possibilities in the Corporate World.
5. Market Centric Approach
With its market centric approach, this course stands apart from other courses. It hones student’s skills towards getting familiar and comfortable with the market standards through various research projects, etc.
6. Opens up possibilities to Begin a Start-up or Work for a Prestigious Company
BBA opens up numerous possibilities for students. After understanding the mechanics, functioning and practicality of Business ventures, they develop the insights essential for future prospects. Students with a BBA qualification become ready to pursue MBA.
7. Specialization:
Specialization in sectors like Accounting, Finance, Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship, etc. is a plus point to excel in real time scenarios of Corporate Functionality.

Thus, BBA stands apart from other courses for the students interested in pursuing MBA in future and is a proper gateway to enter the domain of Business Applications and Corporate Set-up. The familiarization towards the industry specific domains offered by BBA makes it a right choice for the students aspiring towards an MBA degree. The right proportionality of competence and business ethics promises true success. With the growing advancement in Technology, Business and Management, a number of start-ups have risen up and have enhanced the worth of this course. BBA before MBA is a highly recommended combination.

12 Infrastructure Facilities Essential for Holistic Growth

“Investment in infrastructure is a long term requirement for growth and a long term factor that will make growth sustainable”
-Chanda Kochhar
The most appealing factor of an educational institution is the fresh vibe around it and its advanced infrastructure, aimed towards providing a proper atmosphere for an outstanding growth. A dream college has infinite surprises opened up for its students that make learning more intriguing and inspires them to aspire for something gigantic.
Infrastructure is an essential component of any institution and paves the way to educational enrichment by opening up infinite possibilities.

12 Infrastructure Facilities Essential for Holistic GrowthHere is the list of top infrastructure facilities that can lighten up a campus life:
1. Learning Facilities
The spirit of Learning depends on the atmosphere built up around the campus, the zeal carried by the teachers and imparted through facilities like a Library rich in quality books, well-maintained Research Labs, Excellent equipments, Spacious Seminar Rooms, Auditorium, Study Halls, Leisure Room, Creativity Zone, etc. Latest technology and equipment enhance the experience of learning and make the process worthwhile.
2. Living Facilities & Accommodation
A student living far away from home needs that assurance and warmth for his/her overall development. An ideal alma mater must dwell on providing a feeling of home, far away from home. Facilities like Security/ATM/Religious Space/ Shopping Mart/ Wifi/ Shuttles/ Launderette/ Cafeteria/ Student Clubs, etc. will make life more happening and more open to learning.
3. Recreational Facilities
Sport is an immensely important field that deserves support and promotion. The well-built courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. and a sport stadium, inside the campus tend to make it more rewarding for students to pursue a career in Sports and make their institution proud of their endeavours and achievements, meanwhile investing in their growth and betterment through various means. Yoga room can be highly beneficial towards incorporating a healthier routine in the lifestyle of students. The promotion of recreational activities aids in the spiritual and physical growth.
4. Going Green
The message of going green has far-reaching effects. It will introduce the youth towards adopting an environment friendly lifestyle like using paper bags, riding bicycle, going for organic food, etc. The infrastructure of the campus can include the latest technologies like water harvesting, utilizing solar energy to generate electricity, etc. A vegetable farm can be cultivated for healthier food options. The rejuvenating green lawns with bloomed flowers will enhance the beauty of the campus and cool the eyes.
5. Classroom Model
A class-room is an essential component of the process of receiving education. The proportionality of the number of students versus the room area matters as well. Smart-learning tools like projectors, smart study boards add to the grandeur of higher learning. Wide and airy windows, completely taking up one wall of the room will lighten up the classroom and make space for quality learning and aid towards the freshness of mind.
6. Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities play a great role in preparing a student for future by imparting him skills that build up positivity, increase interaction with the surrounding and boost creativity. The presence of extracurricular activity zone where weekly seminars, competitions, etc. can be held is vital for the progress of any Academic Institution. Such activities awaken the creative soul of students and make a way for positive competition, nurturance and emergence of talent.
7. Societies Committed to Diverse Social Causes
We are social beings and constitute a society. College societies based on various social causes (like women development, child-aid, education for all, save environment etc.) and bent on promoting various creative art forms (like music, drama, poetry, etc.) are highly beneficial for the exceptional development of students.
The building up of mentor-mentee project to facilitate a valuable senior-junior interaction can be an ideal step. Also, various break-the-norm activities can be organized, and societies around the spiritual, emotional and mental health can be built to let the students face the challenges of life courageously. The concept of ‘We share, we care’ can be adopted to boost the morale of students and prevent the overflow of negative energy.
8. Events
College Fests and Department Fests are two big and most-awaited events where festive spirits go high and student life acquires its grandeur. The wide array of competitions, quizzes, games, performances in college campus make it highly happening and remarkable.
9. Cleanliness & Hygiene
A Green & Clean Campus creates best minds! The clean and well-maintained infrastructure facilities make the best of educational experience.
10. International Programmes
Education is a field that’s widespread and transcends all stately, national and global boundaries. Through the various International Programmes, a tie-up is maintained with the renowned and reputed Universities overseas. In Student Exchange Programs, students are given a global exposure that makes them widen their perspectives and look beyond the surface into the heart of things. The process of expanding the educational sphere has far-reaching effects in making the world a better place.
11. Leadership
Leadership is a remarkable quality that disciplines the young minds, provides them the skill of decision-making, effective planning strategy, problem solving, etc. and brings noteworthy results. The organization of fair election in the college campus and election of various representatives of departments, societies, clubs and communities give leadership opportunities to the future leaders-in -making.
12. Language Learning/ Skill-based short term courses
The process of learning is never ending and covers the expanse of entire human existence. If an academic institution succeeds in kindling the love of learning in its students, that’s an enormous achievement. Through various skill-based short term courses in Regional and Foreign Languages, art forms like Calligraphy, Creative Writing, Music and professional fields like Publishing, Marketing, Branding, Case-study solving, etc. an alma-mater can empower the students to be ready to face any challenge of life and achieve the best possible outcomes both individually and professionally.
To conclude, Infrastructure is a highly essential component of any organization and paves the way to create the better, brilliant and enlightened minds. It provides the strong base and adds an accurate structure towards the proper functioning of an institution.

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