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Is MBA necessary for Career Success?

Is MBA necessary for Career Success?

MBA which stands for Masters in Business Administration has become the key word when it comes to adding those extra points to get to your dream job. It seems like as if your education is not complete until you get yourself a master’s degree in Business Administration from an esteemed college. But the big question is, is it really important to get an MBA, and is it that without an MBA your resume seems incomplete?

Is MBA necessary for Career Success

The answer lies within you. Of course there are some who can do without an MBA as they are born with leadership and entrepreneurial qualities but for some, these need to be leanrt & imbibed so that they are trained enough to lead & succeed!

MBA degree proves to be very beneficial for people who are looking to grow in a management position. No matter if you’re an engineer, a doctor or an entrepreneur eventually everybody looks forward to work in a team and lead the same. MBA teaches one to manage people & resources and how to work in harmony while targeting to achieve the goal, even with limited resources.

MBA itself has several different kinds of specialisation which helps an individual understand and pin point what exactly he/she wants to achieve in future. Many MBA programs also offer dual specialization which widens the horizon and opens doors for a different profession.

People who are keen to choose Human Resource as a profession or are looking to work with people and in a team, they often look for HRM as their specialization, however on the other hand somebody who has great marketing skills and business development skills, can opt for marketing and sales as their specialization. With new & upcoming careers there are many other kinds of specialization and subjects which are being taught in this evolved curriculum, there was nothing like IT or CRM 10 years back but now it has become one of the most demanded subjects and are being taught keeping in mind the changing trends.

Due to globalization and internationalisation, subjects like International Business Environment and Global Change related studies are being introduced which helps the students prepare to work all over the world. MBA not only helps in brushing the knowledge which has been taught during undergraduate subjects but also helps in framing and providing a stepping stone for students so that they have a smooth start into their career.

Other than just students, there are many professionals and entrepreneurs who happen to go for an MBA course after some time as they are able to clearly understand what exactly they need to focus on. Many business schools have programs for corporate sector employees and also have tie ups with several industries. As far as young students are concerned, they can pursue MBA course both as a full time students as well as a correspondence. Business schools are equipped with placement cell that have tie up with industries and corporate sectors and are more than happy to provide students with industry experience during both term times as well as on finishing the course.

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