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Why is India the perfect place to study for the international students?
The top ten degrees in India that students flock to
How can international exchange programs, study abroad and other educational experiences shape your career?

Why is India the perfect place to study for the international students?

India is the perfect destination for the study abroad students who want a unique and different experience. India is not like other study abroad countries. Things here are bright, colourful, noisy, and crowded with lots of fun. Allow us to convince you why India is the perfect destination for a study abroad student!

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Developing economy

Students seeking to study abroad might want to experience something that is still in the development stages. That is why you should choose India. We still fall under the developing economy moniker and are proud of it. During your time here, you will see how things develop quickly and the different lives people living in the same city experience. You will see local businesses thrive and grow and cities adapting to the global business culture.

On-campus opportunities

Most college going students in India speak English, so it is easy for you to immerse yourself into college life. From inter-college sports tournaments to college fests (that Indian college students live for), the culture in India’s colleges is vibrant and welcoming. There are a ton of opportunities to volunteer, do social work and make lots of new friends on the campus.

Well-rounded education

Education in India goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Navigating the streets of India is an education in itself. Things work differently here than in other countries. So while you are getting an education, you are also learning how to chart your own path, navigate unusual circumstances, and think on your feet. Believe us, these are the skills that will come in handy later on in life.

Networking opportunities

As an international student, you can volunteer or intern with Indian companies and NGOs to learn the ropes of a particular profession or just to know people. It is also a great way to make connections, network, and meet new people in the professional sphere. With all the industries and businesses becoming global, you never know how your Indian networking could help you in the future. For those who want to work in India, this is also a good way to place one foot in the door.

Travel opportunities

India is huge, and by that, we mean really, really huge. While you study here, you can explore countless places in the east, west, south, north and central India. From hill stations to beach towns, India gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of places like no other country does. So for travel fans, India is your study abroad destination.


India is a complex country. You will be forced to learn how to adapt to the changing circumstances. You might also be able to adapt to the Indian street food if your immune system can take it! Learning how to adapt to just about any situation will prepare for a future in the corporate world. The initial week or two might give you a slight culture shock, but once you learn how everything works, you might just want to stay here forever.

India is a very diverse country with so much to offer to the students, professionals and travellers. If you come and study here, even for just a semester, you will leave the country with an unforgettable experience.

The top ten degrees in India that students flock to

Education in India is a complicated subject. Indian schools and colleges are trying to find the right balance between traditional guru-shishya values and modern advancements in education. Other countries approach education with a little more flexibility and that is what we need to incorporate into our education system. But while we try to strike a good balance between these two, here is a small introduction to the system and the top ten courses preferred by the Indian students.

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An introduction to the Indian education system

Today’s students have a ton of options to decide their future career paths. Let’s take engineering. Students can now major in electrical, computer, aeronautical and automobile engineering, where before they chose from chemical, civil or mechanical engineering. Non-traditional career paths see just as many students and a degree in arts is not seen as something bad.

As more and more institutions open up, students can explore the field that interests them. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top ten bachelor’s degrees that the students in India prefer to study. Do you have any degree that you would add to this list?

Bachelor of Engineering

An engineer with a bachelor’s degree has a lot of future scope. India is a developing nation with a growing economy and engineering is one of the most sought after professions. A bachelor’s in engineering also prepares for the rigors of the workplace.

There are a lot of colleges in India that offer quality education in the field of engineering. Students today can choose from Communication engineering, Computer Science engineering, Electrical and Electronics engineering, Information Technology, Marine engineering, Petrochemical engineering and even Structural engineering.

Bachelor of Commerce

A degree opens a lot of avenues for the students who graduate from a good program in a good college. Possible career paths include pursuing a degree in Chartered Accountancy with further studying and exams or getting into finance and working as a financial or economic advisor. You can also apply to be a risk analyst with a financial firm or specialize and delve deeper with banking and finance forces to kick start a career in the finance industry.


The MBBS degree is one of the most popular degrees for a reason. Students in India have been instilled with a strong work ethic, and that helps them study for this degree. Medical school in India is just as difficult and rigorous as in other countries. Therefore, MBBS schools see a large volume of applicants. With the introduction of the common entrance exam for all medical courses, the NEET, getting into a medical program has become even more competitive. India is a growing country with an extremely large population, so a new doctor is always a boon to the society.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the most diverse degrees in the current education scene. The BA degree allows students to specialize in Psychology, Biology, Economics, Journalism, Communication, and a variety of other fields. The BA degree is on our list because there are so many options students can explore with this degree. You can be a writer, a teacher, a counsellor, or a sales associate.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The common misconception with becoming a dentist is that the students who couldn’t get into an MBBS course end up doing dentistry. That is not true because those who become dentists chose to do so. The BDS degree can be done in well-known institutions in India. Students can then shadow a local dentist or apply for internships while in college.

Bachelors in Computer Application

Today, a degree in computer applications is one of the most sought after in the Indian market. The IT industry is booming all over the world and even more in India. Our IT industry is rapidly expanding and fulfilling the requirements of the developed countries. Therefore, if computer applications and technology interest you, this is one degree that will ensure you have no dearth of career opportunities after graduation.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

The hospitality industry offers quite a lot of career opportunities. This degree is just the stepping-stone towards choosing a niche you are well suited for. From the front desk staff to becoming a part of the kitchen, a degree in hospitality can help you get your foot in the door towards your chosen career path.

Bachelor of Law

No matter what year we are in, lawyers are needed everywhere. Most students think that becoming a lawyer is just like what is portrayed in the Bollywood movies. However, the reality is different. It is a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. And students don’t just practice criminal law, they can choose to join government service, get into private practice, do corporate law, specialize in intellectual law or even study further.

Bachelors in Fashion Technology

The last degree on our list is one that is slowly gaining popularity. Fashion technology is a great way to start a career in fashion designing. It teaches students the ins and outs of designing, fabrics, textiles, embroideries and a wide range of other subjects. With a degree in fashion technology, a lot of students go on to create their own fashion label or intern under big designers. It is important to study fashion technology and designing from a reputed college. This will help you get internships with well-known fashion houses in India.


India is a big country and unlike a decade ago, students today have a lot more and very lucrative career prospects. This has opened up so many avenues for students that they are often confused about which direction to take. However, it always helps to research and talk to a career counsellor who can help you make the right choice. Be careful of what you choose because unlike school, your college degree decides your entire professional career. We hope this list helps you understand the current demands of the Indian market and how you can find your place in it.


How can international exchange programs, study abroad and other educational experiences shape your career?

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although a little difficult and daunting, the experience of going abroad and studying or working in an entirely new country can be quite beneficial. For college students, studying abroad can add something unique to their resume while giving them an unusual set of skills.

Blog Image_reInternational experience

The kind of experience a study abroad semester can give you cannot be compared to anything
else. This is an introduction for you to a new culture, a new way of life, and to new people.
As you go out and explore on your own, you will become more open-minded, more willing to
talk to people, and more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Career choices

When you try something new, you open up yourself to new experiences. Studying abroad can help you open your mind and explore new and different career opportunities. You might learn about careers you never thought were possible. Take the hospitality industry for example; we know there are chefs and those at the reception. But did you know the variety of roles in a hotel kitchen that the students in the hospitality industry study for? Now you do.


Unique work experience

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to explore a different work environment and corporate culture. These experiences you get from working in a diverse work environment can be beneficial when you come back home and step into the real world. Employers value such experiences that set apart a candidate from the general pool.


Project a good image

You can project a great image to the potential employers with such a diverse experience. Studying abroad is such a wonderful opportunity to get out in the world and show that you are willing to take risks. And employers value this skill. To make projects succeed, you need to take potential risks to reap the rewards.

Responsibility and independence
While studying abroad, you live alone and learn to take responsibility for yourself. Coming out of the cocoon is a big step and teaches you to be independent and responsible. These life skills can translate well into your career. You learn to take responsibility, be proactive and have better decision-making skills.


Quick thinking and decision-making

So last on our list of advantages is the skill to think on your feet. Out and about in a strange place is when you need to be extremely careful and tuned into your surroundings. When there are language barriers or when you are in a new place, you need to think quickly on your feet. This skill can help you in the workplace to make on-the-spot decisions.
Studying abroad gives you a very unique set of skills. It is one of those things that can help you portray a unique image in a job interview. In today’s world, employers are looking for someone who stands out from the crowd and brings something different to the workplace.

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