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How will Artificial Intelligence affect jobs in the future?

How will Artificial Intelligence affect jobs in the future?

Today’s college students often wonder if the degree they are studying for will remain relevant in the next ten years. While looking at their future prospects, an integral question they should be able to answer is whether their skills will be important and relevant in the near future. This is because technological inventions are having an impact on the way we work, and artificial intelligence is the future, as every new discovery points towards that.

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So, what can a student do to ensure that his skills are sought after while still in college? Well, it is important to understand what AI is, what it does for us currently, and what it is posited to do in the future. Here is a look at how artificial intelligence could possibly affect the job market in the future:

Will downsizing happen?

 Downsizing essentially means cutting down on the workforce and not eliminating it completely. Downsizing has been a part of every business and industry, and the trend will continue, this will keep happening as companies keep incorporating technology into their processes. Instead of worrying about downsizing in the future, the better option is to think about how you can make yourself an indispensable part of your company.

Importance of unique skill sets

 Tasks that need no skill or minimal amount of skills are more than likely to be taken over by AI, thus it has become important now, more than ever, to recognize and master a unique skill set. Tasks that are monotonous and do not require special skills, are cheaper when completed by a machine than human labour. Therefore, it is important for today’s students to figure out how they can stand out from the crowd and be different. This also means constantly learning new things, evolving, and teaching yourself new skills.

Reorganization vs. elimination

 Artificial intelligence being introduced into company processes will mean reorganization as opposed to elimination. This is where the management of any company needs to come together to learn and organize AI and human labour together and create the best possible business practices for the company. Thus, the students need to be constantly ready to adapt to the changes in their environment.

Creating new business processes

Everyone is scared of losing their jobs, but what they should really be talking about is how to reorganize and recreate business processes to incorporate AI into their business functions. Adaptability in the workplace will be one of the most sought-after skills in the future. Just because AI will become a part of the workforce does not necessarily mean that people won’t be required to do certain tasks. If anything, using AI will be able to complement a worker’s tasks. This will increase the quality of the person’s work and help him become more efficient.

Inherently human skills

What sets us apart from machines and technology is humanity. There are certain tasks and jobs with an inherent human element that cannot be taken away or replicated by a machine. Research studies show that any job that involves crunching a large amount of data or numbers is likely to be impacted by AI. However, jobs that require any sort of judgment, empathy or an aspect of humanity in its decision making will be the least impacted. Archaeologists, massage therapists, and scientists will probably have minimal impact on their work.

What can a student about to enter the workforce do?

 We advise you to keep yourself constantly updated about the technological innovations in your field. You can do this by subscribing to trade journals or reading the news and research articles about your areas of interest. While interviewing for jobs, we would advise students to ask about the company’s long-term plans. In this changing landscape, one of the questions to ask your potential employer is what part will technology play in their company in the future. If the company is heavily invested in the technology industry, you could also ask how AI will impact jobs and business processes in the future. A good company will know the answers to these questions which can help you decide the right workplace for yourself.

The need of the hour is not to shun Artificial Intelligence but to work together and see how AI can complement human intelligence. It is an undeniable fact that AI will become an integral part of the workforce and change the way humans work across all platforms. So, while we have a clear picture of the future, why not embrace it? Know what is happening in the tech industry because that is the only way you will know how to deal with the obstacles that come your way.

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