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What do recruiters look for in today’s students?

What do recruiters look for in today’s students?

Today’s employers have different expectations from their potential employees. Today’s workforce is dramatically different as well. Therefore, it becomes imperative for the students about to enter the workforce to understand what their employers expect of them. And these skills are not for any specific industry. They work for every single industry that could potentially hire students. Let’s go through the list and understand the importance of each skill.

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Ability to learn new things

The world is changing at a mind-boggling pace. Today’s student who is about to enter the real world is expected to keep up with the changes in hisindustry. He is expected to stay updated with every new discovery. A new discovery could dramatically alter the direction of any industry and abilityto learn new things is the key to success. For example, computer programmers or Computer Application students are expected to keep up with new programming languages.

Communication skills

 Communication skills are incredibly important in today’s job market. As companies go global and teamwork is given the priority, communication becomes the key. Not just communication, but clear, precise, and concise communication is essential. Today’s student is expected to be able to holdthe conversation with a client, colleague or a superior. They are expected to convey business matters in a certain language with a certain tone. And you might not know this, but clear communication can make or break a business deal.

Being proactive and responsible

 Employers today want students to take ownership of their work. They want employees to be responsible and accountable for all they do. And not just that, they want employees to be proactive and go beyond their prescribed job role. The workplace is not just about playing within well-defined boundaries, it has become about how far you can push the boundaries to establish yourself as a good employee.

Problem-solving skills

 An employee who can remain calm in the state of pressure or crises is the ideal employee. Most companies want employees who think on their feet and can resolve issues and problems without any sort of escalation. Problem-solving skills are extremely important because they are the key component of creative solutions to everyday problems.  This is one of the most valued skills in any new age company. So make sure you work on it from early on.


 Teamwork makes the dream work. More and more companies put an emphasis on teamwork because that is how they can ensure the success of their projects. Teamwork is important because most projects require a set of vastly different skills. Being a team player also helps in personal and professional growth of a person. It creates a better understanding of the human nature and is good for the company’s overall health.

It is important for the students to understand that only technical know-how in their field cannot help them. They need essential soft skills to succeed. Technical skills combined with soft skills create the perfect recipe for a good employee.

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