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What can CGC offer you that other colleges can’t?

What can CGC offer you that other colleges can’t?

CGC, since its inception, has climbed the ranks steadily and become one of the well-known higher education institutes in Northern India. CGC has two campuses, one in Landran and the other in Jhanjeri. Both the campuses are located within traveling distance from the City Beautiful, Chandigarh!

The administration and leadership at CGC have worked long and hard to create programs and initiatives to benefit students. Some of these programs are unlikely to be heard before. So, let’s delve a little deeper into what CGC has to offer that other colleges can’t.


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Earn while you learn

Students in the West have been doing this for a long time, but the concept is still new to India. Working while you study is almost unheard in India. But, CGC has introduced this concept to its students. Currently, it has tied up with over 6 major companies to offer part-time employment opportunities to the students. This allows students to pursue work opportunities after class hours or even during holidays and vacations. This has a two-fold benefit: It allows the students to learn more about the corporate world and also helps them earn money for their expenses.


International tie-ups

CGC has tied up with some of the top universities across the world to create exchange programs for students in CGC and other universities. These international tie-ups give students the opportunity to pursue summer or winter school at universities or study abroad for a semester or even intern abroad for a period of time. This international exposure is vital for the students of today who are exposed to the global market phenomena. CGC also regularly arranges programs where students from foreign universities visit CGC, a great opportunity for CGC students to interact with the international students.



The National Cadet Corps or NCC is a student organization that teaches students some extremely valuable lessons. The NCC in CGC is affiliated to 23 Punjab Battalion, NCC Ropar. This organization aims to teach students courage, camaraderie, discipline, leadership, and other values. The NCC is rigorous and demands a lot from its members. That’s why we have a wing of NCC at CGC. We believe that discipline, motivation, leadership skills, and humanitarian skills can be learnt with the right teachers and the right set of rules.



The National Service Scheme is an organization with roots in social service. CGC wants its students to become well-rounded and good people, not just good employees. NSS helps them take part in social work, allows them to organize tree plantation drives, drug de-addiction program, anti-dowry and women empowerment program, blood donation programs and much more. Students work with the aim of educating their fellow students as well as their community on various important issues. The NSS is the pride of CGC.


Industry-Academia Interface

CGC has made it easy for the students to get opportunities to interact with the industry stalwarts. This gives CGC students an edge because they already have a foot in the door due to various programs and events organized by CGC. Under this initiative, CGC has established the Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC) and the Management Development Projects (MDP). These programs play an important role in helping the students develop their entrepreneur ideas and take up research projects to further develop their interest. Various training programs, networking events, and conferences are organized with industry experts to educate the students.


Student Care Center

Most colleges have a complaint box or a place where they can submit their grievances, but CGC is one of the only colleges that have established a Student Care Center. The center falls under the Dean of Student Welfare who oversees all the complaints that go through the SCC. The SCC was established to give students one place they can approach for any issues. Plus, the SCC administration makes sure all issues are resolved within 24 hours which is great for the students’ morale. Students are encouraged to approach the SCC with any sort of problem they might be facing.


CGC Restaurant

A restaurant on campus? Yes, that is right. CGC has its very own restaurant that caters to the entire visiting faculty, dignitaries as well as guests who visit for workshops or training sessions. The restaurant is well decorated with a unique ambience. The restaurant itself is an amazing feather in CGC’s cap since not many campuses cater to its visitors in this manner.


E-Library & Journals

CGC has one of the most well organized libraries in the region. Called the Knowledge Resource Center, the library has books and technology that helps students study. Not just that, CGC has also subscribed to various national and international journals and periodicals which help students stay updated with the latest happenings in their field. They have a vast collection of books and e-books to assist students with their education or research. Audio-visual materials are also available for the students to browse.


Sports Facilities

The Sports facilities at CGC are extraordinary. CGC encourages competitive training as well as recreational training in sports. It has a hockey team, a basketball team, a badminton team, and an athletic team among others. The university often participates in sports competitions and organizes the same on campus as well. The gym is a great place for the students who want to work out and stay fit. At CGC, students are given much more than just books and homework; they are given the opportunity to learn and grow.

We believe in giving our students the best of everything. The world-class facilities, classrooms equipped with technology, and career advancement opportunities make our students one of the best in the country. We want to create good leaders, not just good students.

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