4 CGC Jhanjeri Clubs & Committees you should know about

In the modern era of education, there has been a constant transition taking place in order to replace the age old methods of learning with newer, more efficient techniques to optimize learning and performance.

With the blending of technology and education, the whole system has seen drastic changes in the way students learn and perform these days, but, with the easing of the process the competition has also increased ten folds with students exploiting technological means to innovate and invent advanced and simpler answers to all their inquisitive queries. But, with such advancement and innovation, it is necessary that the students maintain a balanced state of mind to promote healthy competition and to understand the practical implications of their knowledge.

This further helps them understand the post-college environment and the corporate culture, hence, preparing them for the challenges ahead.

We, at CGC Jhanjeri believe in a combination of practical as well as theoretical knowledge in equal proportions and to promote the same, we have certain clubs and events which are organized keeping in mind these aims to make our students smarter and innovative. So, here we present to you all the details about the clubs in CGC you should know about.

4 CGC Jhanjeri Clubs & Committees you should know about

IT Technocrats Club

Being technically sound takes a lot of practice and hard work, but, learning to understand the technicalities and being an expert in the technical field is what makes the difference. Becoming a technocrat is very important in the current IT era and it takes a lot more than just brains to be an elite technical expert. Not only does it take a lot of knowledge but also needs a lot of persistence and patience to get to the roots of a subject. Our IT Technocrats Club, as the name implies, is focused on developing the means required to help our students understand the working of the industry and to inculcate within them the required understanding and skill-set. Several events have been organized in the past to support the club’s aim such as the one day fest organized on 12th Aug’13 which consisted of a general session on computers followed by a mind boggling session on C++. This saw a participation of over 60 students who were driven to learn something new and outperform themselves over the course of the one day fest. Another 2-day online gaming fest was organized in Feb’14 which consisted of games like NFS and FIFA and brought out the competitive side of the technocrats. The convener of the group is Dr. Raman Chadha, HOD, CSE Department.

Management Department Club

With an aim to inculcate management skills among budding managers, the faculty of management has four clubs to its credits which include:

Marketing Clubs
Apart from “Crusader-14”- An Intercollege Competition and a Guest Lecture by Mr. Amar Pal Singh on “Marketing Strategies in the Telecom Sector”, it has organized an anti-drug campaign at Jhanjeri village and several industrial visits to companies like Coca Cola and Times of India.

Human Resource Club
An industrial visit to Swaraj (now Mahindra & Mahindra) was organized concerning the labour issues at hand and to understand them better. The club also actively organizes guest lectures and competitions such as the declamation contest.

Finance Club
The finance club has organized Srijan’14, a national conference in association with PTU and MDP Programme along with the ministry of MSME for all MBA students. Adding to this, other activities include business quiz and industrial visits to places such as Embross Auto, Baddi on Production and management.

Entrepreneurship Club 
This club was launched at the management fest with an aim to bring out the entrepreneurial soul of the students and to help them implement their ideas and do something for the greater good. It also launched the campaign to test market a product called ‘Pittoz’ among the students.

Technical Club

This club is focused on developing a technical vision in the budding engineers, but in a rather fun and different way. Formed by the ECE Department in March’14, ”Electrovision” club was formed to carry out all the activities and innovations under the umbrella of the departmental club.

Established with a vision of working on various innovative projects to help enhance the thinking ability of the creative minds and to motivate the upcoming engineers and scientists to boost their mental strength enough to face any hurdles in the way of learning new techniques and technologies and to accommodate themselves with the ever changing technology. To reach their goal and fulfill the club’s vision, they are working towards setting up a strong base for the zealous and hard-working students to help them grow and nurture into a responsible professional.

Several focus points of the club include development of a platform where technical innovativeness is challenged to its limits resulting in better outputs. It helps by providing a platform for the students to display their skills with the help of contests and workshops. Another major factor is the opportunity that this club provides the students to work on live projects and to participate and represent the college at national level fests.

Mech Lava Club

As the name implies, this club has been formed after the hard work of the students and faculty from the mechanical department, focused at promoting the importance of the mechanical implications in the industry. Mech Lava Club organized a techno/cultural fest in March’14 which was a popular hit among the students and faculty alike.

The event included several quiz competitions, presentation of technical papers, cultural performances including bhangra and a debate competition. Organized under the HOD, Mechanical department, this event was a stepping stone for the future developments of the club.

So, with a different approach towards their future and learning, all the efforts are being poured in to get the best out of the opportunities provided to the students. All the clubs not only focus on the technical skills but also help in development of certain general qualities such as confidence, outlook, personality and communicational skills.

Are you a part of these clubs? If yes, share your experience & feedback with us!

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