8 Tips to Make the Most of the Exams Season

College life is indeed one of the most memorable phases of any bodies’ life, where a student gets to explore and enjoy various activities such as going out with friends in between classes, visiting a cinema, college fest etc. However when it’s time to appear for exams, one needs to be very serious and make the best out of the exam period. Following are some tips which would help students prepare for their exams:


  • Get a rough estimate
    It’s very important to have a rough idea about the amount of time you would need to prepare for your exam. Therefore, it’s wise to go through the entire syllabus properly and estimate which topic require how much time. By this you would be able to figure out a rough date, when to start.
  • Calculate revision time
    Once you have an idea of the syllabus, always remember to keep some time for revision, as this is very important for exam point of view. You can plan your revision time according to your date sheet or your comfort level
  • Gain confidence
    Revision definitely increases your confidence,but what is important, is to revise in the right way. The best way to revise is to do past year papers and sample papers that too in an exam environment.
  • Highlighting
    Now that you have got your hands on past year sample papers therefore you can highlight important topics which have the highest probability of getting the maximum questions. This can be risky but can also reward you.
  • Co-studying
    If you have a problem area, it’s wise to seek help. You can enroll yourself in a coaching or involve yourself in co-studying. This way you can broaden your horizon and your co-partner can help your clear your problems.
  • Learn the smart way
    Don’t invest too much time on one topic. Rather, spend equal time on all the chapters. That way, you know something about everything If you are lucky you might just get some questions straight from the book.
  • Don’t stress yourself
    If you have practiced all the above, then there is no point stressing out. Many students often believe in burning the mid night oil lamp which is of little help. Therefore try and calm down and take it easy.
  • Eat well and get some sleep
    Remember to eat healthy so that your body remains active and you are able to recollect what you have prepared. Get at least 8 hours of sleep, which would help you keep awake and help you concentrate better.

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