Elevate Your Career With BCom Hons: Eligibility, Insights & More

The three-year Bachelor of Commerce honors program, often known as BCom Hons, covers subjects including accounting, taxation, economics, financial management, etc.

Candidates who have completed 10+2 and a minimum aggregate of 50% can enroll in this course. In Chandigarh, CGC Jhanjeri is the top BCom Hons college. With an average starting salary of about INR 3–8 LPA and career options including cost accountant, business analyst, economist, stockbroker, financial advisor, tax consultant, and others, students who wish to work in finance and accounting frequently choose to pursue this degree.

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B.Com. Hons

BCom Hons offers a curriculum that was developed to encourage knowledge of issues in business and the economy. Students will benefit from the program's hands-on learning opportunities and in-depth instruction in the systems, frameworks for creating policies, and management techniques necessary to deal with rapid changes in a setting where organizations are increasingly going global.

B.Com. Hons Course Highlights


Degree B.Com. Hons
Degree (Full Form) Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)
Duration 3 years
Eligibility 10+2 with a minimum of 33% marks
Fee INR 40,600 for first semester


The six-semester management studies is part of the three-year Bachelor of Commerce Hons. degree. The BCom Hons degree program in the best BCom Hons college in Chandigarh, CGC-J is career-focused and increases your work opportunities after graduation.

The program will give students an understanding of the financial system, its constituent parts, the underlying principles that support them, relationships between them, and regulatory issues, as well as exposure to several functional areas of management.


Candidates who received a 33% or higher on the 10+2 commerce exam are eligible for admission to the best BCom Hons College in Chandigarh, CGC Jhanjeri.


40% for candidates who have passed one of the following two subjects: (a) Accountancy (b) Business Studies (c) Economics (d) Mathematics (e) Principle and Practice of Insurance (f) Tax Procedure and Practice (g) Office Management and Secretarial Practice

B.Com. Hons. & B.Com: A Comparative Study

Both the B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) and BCom Hons undergraduate degrees in the commerce field have relatively comparable courses and take the same amount of time to complete. The BCom Hons course details, however, are significantly broadened or in-depth in some top colleges, making it fairly demanding.

The BCom Hons offers more professional depth and career prospects training than the B.Com course, and as a result, is frequently chosen by the majority of students. There is a significant difference between the curriculum and teaching of these two courses in commerce.

One of the popular choices for students interested in business and commerce is the B.Com, which offers both regular and honors. The standard course, a BCom Hons, is believed to offer greater employment options than a regular B.Com, in the public as well as the private sectors.

On the other hand, while B.Com is a complete course, it does not offer specialization in all aspects of Commerce. With these considerations in mind, deciding between a B.Com with honors and one without honors becomes challenging.

The B.Com (Honors) and B.Com degrees offered by Indian colleges differ in the following general ways:

  1. BCom Hons provides adequate knowledge of or an overview of all the areas/segments of commerce. Instead of focusing on one of these areas specifically, students taking this B.Com course will get a broad understanding of all the elements.
  2. The third year of the BCom Hons program gives specialized knowledge in the chosen topic to assist in advancing professional/employable skills. There are several possible fields of commerce specialty, including accounting, economics, and finance. Because of this, BCom Hons programs are considerably superior to the regular B.Com programs for in-depth study in the commerce stream.
  3. Regarding the above-mentioned explanation, it is typically required for students to have studied mathematics in 10+2 in order to be admitted to the BCom Hons program. Additionally, they must be proficient in English.
  4. The cut-off for admission to BCom Hons is higher than the cut-off for admission to B.Com in the vast majority of top commerce colleges and universities.
  5. B.Com (Honors) is the best degree to get a prosperous job in Chartered Accounting because it is more thorough and business-oriented.
  6. In the industrial markets, people with a B.Com (Honors) are better placed. Students who study B.Com (Honors) have access to more and better job prospects as a result. Unless they also hold a graduate degree or a professional credential like CA, MBA, or CS, companies in the business sector don't give regular B.Com holders much weight.


Apply now at CGC Jhanjeri for BCom Hons. The three-year Bachelor of Commerce honors program at CGC Jhanjeri aims to provide students with all the analytical and creative abilities required for corporate success. Along with a foundational set of skills, the curriculum will assist in the development of an in-depth understanding of economics and business.


Q. What are the skills necessary for a BCom Hons degree?


  1. Disciplinary Knowledge
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Cooperation/TeamWork
  5. Research Related Skills
  6. Moral and Ethical Awareness
  7. Lifelong Learning
  8. Information and Digital Learning
  9. Multicultural Competence
  10. Reflective Thinking
  11. Scientific Reasoning

Q. What advantages do degrees in B.Com. with honors provided?

Ans. For careers in the corporate sector, B.Com graduates will be prepared with managerial skills. Students who complete the degree program successfully will be well-versed in core subjects such as accounting, finance, law, economics, and marketing.

Q. Why Choose an Honours BCom Hons Degree?

Ans. Job opportunities abound for those pursuing careers in business and commerce. The idea of starting their own business is becoming more popular. A bachelor's in commerce with honors promises a bright future full of opportunities. In new business-related areas like taxation and industrial trends, it has a lot of room to expand. Applicants are eligible to apply for positions in both the public and private sectors, including marketing, sales, accounting, finance, and advertising.