Importance of Industrial Collaborations


Getting a degree is just not enough, it is more important to get a degree which fetches you a good job and eventually a stable and a lucrative career. Students now days strive hard to get into the best of the universities which promises them a great career. The success of most business schools depends upon the placements of their students. A college which has the highest number of placements are most demanded by students. For this there are a number of ways by which a college makes sure that maximum numbers of companies visits their campus for placements. There is a robust placement cell in place, regular meetings and collaborations are made with industries and corporate houses. They also encourage their students to undertake training which gives them an idea about how the industry operates.

However it is not as simple to find on the job training and final placement in industries. There is a lot of hard work which goes into it. The colleges which have a strong industrial collaboration can promise a bright start for their students.The importance of industrial collaborations with colleges in immense. Following are some of the advantages of the same.

 Importance of Industrial Collaborations

  • Confidence-A management institute which has a strong industrial collaboration is able to provide their student with more confidence as far as placements is concerned. Thus the students can focus themselves in a more productive manner. This increase self-confidence and self-achievement among students
  • Practical knowledge-Apart from final placement, students must undergo industrial on the job training in their 1st year which provides them with working knowledge and practical implications which help them understand and access their skills
  • Body language-By getting a chance to work in a proper industrial environment students often get to work on their body language and their dressing sense which is a very important part of any job.
  • Learn from their own mistakes-Corporate sector is very daunting for fresher. Since it’s a new environment therefore, many are unable to understand the pressure and often make mistakes which can prove to be fatal. Therefore colleges which have industrial collaborations are relatively less strict with fresher who are absorbed through campus or are on the job training. Therefore it’s a great way to learn from their own mistakes.
  • Greater chances of a good start-Often getting a starting point can be the most difficult.Fresher who are just out of colleges face the most competition while getting their first job, Therefore is the college already have a collaboration with the industry then they can be given some security that they might get absorbed or even trained by the industry. This provides then with a sense of security and comfort.

In short, the main motive of any degree or education in the long run is to get a great career, therefore it is always better to give yourself a comfortable start where you can learn a great deal without facing failure. Management institutes which can offer this sense of security to their students are doing a great job as it uplifts the self-confidence of the student thus making them confident and successful individuals in the future.

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