Law can be described as a system of rules and regulations that are framed by a governing authority of a given community or country, which when not followed, can attract some sort of penalty or punishment. In other words, the law can simply be described as a brand of justice. By far, the law is one of the longest standings and is certainly one of the most sought profession, and one must not forget, it is a highly lucrative one. The prestige and respect that comes with this profession are above and beyond any other profession that is there in India.

Law in itself can be divided into several categories including corporate law, civil law, criminal law, and business law. If you want to pursue a career as a lawyer, then one has to pursue a Bachelor of Law (LLB) along with specialization in a given field Master of Law (LLM). It is worth noting here that one can also pursue law courses after 12th science, that is to say, even if you are from a science background then you can still pursue this field. Specialization is also available to students of this course, including that in civil law, real estate law, corporate law, tax law, IP law, criminal law, and many others.

What is the Skillset required to pursue a Successful Career as a Lawyer?

If you want to carry on the profession of a lawyer is a good capacity, then you should inculcate a unique skill set. Whether you are born with these traits or not, you should develop them to the level that is required for this profession.

Analyzing the Information – This is the first and the foremost trait that a lawyer is required to have. Believe it or not, there will be an endless amount of information that a lawyer will be required to process. Every detail of it needs to be interpreted and analyzed properly, and above all come out with a solution.

Self-confidence – A great deal of self-confidence is required in the person who wants to be a successful lawyer. The person should be able to maintain his composure even in the worst of the situation and should be able to think convincingly. Whether a lawyer is proficient in subject matter or not, confidence in presenting yourself will go a long way in being successful in this career.

Research Skills – Considerable amount of research is involved in this profession as the correct interpretation of a situation depends on the right and complete information available to the person. Understanding the situation of the client and what he or she expects from a lawyer comes in handy. Start developing a network of people as it is where your research will be directed to.

Keen Eye to Detail – Precision and accuracy while delivering the result is pivotal to the success of the lawyer in the legal career. There will be numerous circumstances when even the slightest of the mistake can result in the loss of millions or land a person in deep trouble. There should be perfect coordination between you as the lawyer and the client whom you are serving.

Top Recruiters and Job Profiles in this Profession

There are a wide array of job profiles that open up for LLB and LLM graduates and which path you want to take can be decided as you pursue your degree program. Simplifying the matter a little bit for you, let’s take a look at some of the job profiles and what is included in them. The list here is not all-inclusive and contains only a brief note.

Legal Counsel – numerous companies hire lawyers with the purpose to provide them with the legal and judiciary inputs at the time of taking a corporate decision. This job profile is known by the name legal counsel.

Legal Advisor – There are different types of unique legal issues faced by an organization and to sort all these issues a legal advisor is required. They are tasked with the job to develop plans to come out with such issues.

Government Lawyer – Any lawyer who is in service for the government is known as a government lawyer. They are engaged in framing policies and other regulations that a government comes out with.

Lecturer – after completing your graduate degree as a lawyer one can also engage in teaching and prepare future lawyers. This field is also one of the most lucrative ones.

Corporate Lawyer – Any lawyer who is providing his or her service in a commercial capacity is known as a corporate lawyer. The job duty of these lawyers is to make sure the company remains in the rules and regulations that have been prescribed for them and further make sure that transactions and negotiations run smoothly.

How can You Develop Your Career in the Field of Law?

The first step in becoming a certified and licensed lawyer is obviously to qualify i.e. a degree. One can start with a graduate degree and in case you want to obtain specialization in a field then a post-graduate degree is also there. One should be prepared to study a lot as one decides to become a lawyer, and above all, this study is ongoing. There will be no point in your career duration that you will not feel the need to update yourself with the latest rules and regulations. The profession of a lawyer is an adventurous one as there are different types of cases to handle here.

To take admission in a reputed college, one may also have to clear an entrance exam such as LSAT or CLAT or SET SLAT. All the law aspirants will have to appear for the Law Student Admission Test (LSAT) which is one of the most popular entrance exams. Held nearly seven times in a year and the one that is considered as the standard, this entrance exam is conducted by the Law School Admission Council. Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT) is another entrance exam that one can take to pursue a law degree from a reputed college. This offline examination is accepted by the majority of colleges and is considered the most widely recognized entrance exam.

Why pursue law courses after 12th science from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri?

One of the most renowned colleges in the whole of North India, CGC Jhanjeri is the place to be if you want to do a degree course. The college has carved out a distinct niche with its exemplary work in the field of higher education; the record setting placement service has ensured that all the students are placed even before they pass out from the college. CGCIANS are provided with enriching practical exposure which makes them ready for the job and it is easy for them to integrate into the company without any hassle. College students have filed several patents and are doing it regularly; this indicates the exhaustive laboratory exposure that is given to students where they test what is being taught to them in classrooms while trying out new things.