MBA Admission 2022- MBA Specializations at CGC-Jhanjeri

This professional program pursued in Top MBA Colleges in Chandigarh means that the student is well-equipped with the basics of running a business. This simply means that he/she knows how to put in-depth knowledge of abilities like leadership, team building, problem-solving, analyzing, etc, into smooth working of an organization and hence making a strong future.

Expected Career Opportunities after studying MBA in Chandigarh Group of Colleges, one of the Top Management Colleges in Chandigarh

  • After completing MBA, the student can see shining career in some trending jobs, for example;
  • Investment Banker
  • Management Consultant
  • Stock Broker
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Recruiter
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Business Counselor

MBA is a course that allows students to choose from different specializations as per their course of interest. One can choose from:

1. MBA Finance

Finance is one thing any business can not run without. An MBA Degree in Finance helps an individual to gain financial skills required for easy working of an organization. Being one of the most preferred courses, MBA Finance ensures a student to understand financial reports, economic trends, financial forecasts, balancing a company’s risk and profitability, and making investment decisions reducing the probability of risk. Aspiring students see a blooming future in the Financial Sectors.

2. MBA Marketing Management

Yet another backbone of running a successful business is marketing the goods and services in the market so as to gain popularity and increase sales. Sales and Marketing goes hand in hand; better marketing means improved sales and vice-versa. In simple words, marketing is a base to choose the target market and put creativity in a way to attract customers. Fields like digital marketing, product development, sales and cost management, product marketing, etc; are some of the trending career options for candidates pursuing MBA in Top Management College in Chandigarh.

3. MBA Human Resource Management

Right recruitment is equal to the best operated organization. To promise the same comes the role of the HR Team that handles duties from recruitment to providing bonuses to the employees. Pursuing this field you can work as a recruiter, HR manager, HR consultant, training & development manager, etc.

4. MBA Business Analytics

Taking Admission in top MBA private colleges in Punjab, offers its candidates to specialize in the field of Business Analytics. Here, the students get knowledge about different analytical tools and put them into practice to analyze and collect the many functional areas of the business. The students can make a future in careers like business analyst, marketing manager, financial analyst, supply chain analyst, etc.

5. MBA Information System

This area in MBA provides expertise in the technical areas of Businesses like managing the information systems for an enhanced running of the organization. This also includes focusing on human nature and how the IT environment affects their working in reaching the organizational goal.

6. MBA Operations Management

MBA specialization in the field of Operations Management is a key role for an organization to manage its production and distribution in an efficient manner. The course focuses on teaching its students the developing of strategies and further implementing and supervising its effectiveness with a generous help of technology. Students who have an interest in working in the manufacturing units have more benefits in pursuing this course.

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