How important is Industry Academia Interface?
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10 Useful apps for students
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How important is Industry Academia Interface?

We are advancing at a very high pace and with technologies such as drones and driverless cars slowly replacing our everyday life; it is of utmost importance that we work on preparing our students in such a way that they are not theoretically well educated but practically equipped as well. The industry demands high-quality professionals who can not only do the work but can get the work done as well. With this in mind, CGC Jhanjeri has established an ‘Industry-Academia Interface’ which focuses on preparing the students to face the challenges that they will encounter in the professional world. As we commit to the industry to produce some of the best professionals who will someday be the leaders of our thriving world, we work towards setting a high standard of output for our institution. Adopting global practices for our students is just the beginning of developing world leaders and professionals by working on their overall development!
Focusing on the industry needs and requirements is an essential step required to understand the specifications and skills which the companies look for, in their future employees. We have worked on developing the best guidelines following an insight into the company, to make our students industry ready, helping them give their best in their professional life starting from day one itself. This requires a careful review of their working and policies, while understanding the exact requirements for different professions and positions. We, at CGC, provide an array of programs in the fields of Engineering, Management, IT and computer applications. This makes sure that the students are well equipped in their field by the end of the course and are industry ready to make the most of the opportunities offered to them.
To support our research and initiatives, several programs such as the Institute-Industry Interface, Pre-placement training, conferences, and seminars are organized on a regular basis which not only give an insight into the practical dealings of the industry but also showcase the actual conditions of the working environment to the students while still in the university. This provides a live example of how things go about in the professional world. All these initiatives, which help in establishing the Industry Academia Interface, are organized through the efforts and hard work of different departments, working tirelessly with corporate leaders to establish a successful and fruitful bond between CGC and the industry. These Include:

How important is Industry Academia Interface
Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)
The cell is working to foster relationships between CGC Jhanjeri and partner industry driven groups. The activities include interactions and joint ventures with participating partners to plan and conduct academic events such as conferences, seminars and workshops helping students gain knowledge on the latest ongoings in their industries. Guest lectures by professionals and leaders are a bonus for all the students as nothing is better than the learning you gain from personal life experiences. One can learn from what the masters did wrong and how they work to not repeat the same mistakes. It not only gives them immense knowledge but also acts as a motivating medium to achieve greatness in life in their field of choice.
Entrepreneurial Development Cell (EDC)
This department does not directly deal with the industry but makes an impact by helping young and budding entrepreneurs execute their ideas to make an impact on the world by doing something great in their field. Establishment of this cell solely depends on students’ interest and participation. Regular programs and workshops are organized for interested students to update them with the current working of the professional world as well as helping them work on their skills and services. An entrepreneurial venture is dependent on the working capabilities of the students and to motivate them to achieve greatness, regular seminars and talks are organized by successful entrepreneurs and experts from academia as well as the industry. This helps them learn about the process as well as guides them on the pathway to success.
Management Development Projects (MDP)
MDPs are taken very frequently at CGC to train the students as per company specifications and requirements. The projects include training programs and workshops which are conducted both at the campus as well as the company locations to serve the need of the industry and the job role. These programs are tailor made as per the company profile and work requirements, hence offering the students hands on experience to prepare them for the specific designations. Effectiveness of the program is ensured as it is conducted by some of the best professionals from the industry throwing light on some of the major issues that they face and how to overcome them to get fruitful results.
Our consultancy projects include a varied set of fields not only limited to technology and engineering but also computer applications, IT and Management. This ensures smooth functioning of all the fields and helps in offering students from different backgrounds an equal opportunity. As a result, we have observed a change in patterns of our results which mainly include improved performance, better understanding and knowledge among the students, a more power driven attempt to make the most of everything offered to them, increased efficiency and even competitive pricing for the services by cutting down on wastage.
The Industry Academia Interface has been a boon to the CGC family as it has not only widened the scope and possibilities for our students but has also introduced a new set of skills and methods to get more efficient and better performance. It has played a major role in the transition of our students from theory to more practice oriented approach and has given them a valuable experience for life. Another advantage of this interface is that it has decreased the pressure on the students in terms of academia by offering them live examples and problems to work on while understanding the concepts, making the process of learning easier and fun!

4 reasons why a Degree in Agriculture is the future

Agriculture No matter how advanced the technology gets, how tall the buildings are built, how fast the cars get and how far the man reaches, one basic necessity which is required to fuel each of these developments is food and without agriculture, it is impossible to get the required amount of food. While we focus on developing nations and getting the best amenities, we often ignore the basics of its evolution which is based on agriculture. Farmers in our country work hard throughout the year to feed not only their family but the people of their country. And it is surprising that we all know about the latest technological advances in the field of automobiles, medicine and the internet but we do not give enough inputs to blend agriculture and technology. But, as we move towards a better future, a lot of initiatives are being taken to empower the agriculture industry and give credit to the hard working agriculturist by providing solutions to increase their output efficiency. With such a mission to bring about a change, several courses have been introduced to support the art of agricultural development to give an insight into the basic technicalities helping understand the process better. With so many courses coming up, let’s have a look at why this is a good idea to pursue a degree in agriculture.

• Supply and demand: Since food is the basic necessity for the human civilisation to survive, the demand will only increase with the ever rising population and so to fulfill the demand a continuous supply will have to be maintained which is only possible if efficient methods are adapted to grow crops. Hence, if a technical approach is taken up, agriculture will grow and so will the economy of the country. A degree in agriculture supports such actions and will help students understand better, the need of the hour in the industry.
• Better opportunities: India is a vast agricultural country with a large percentage of land covered under agricultural activities. This makes it easier to initiate agricultural activities and to create opportunities in this field. While agriculture is seen as a primitive activity, people fail to realize that if exploited sensibly this industry can see a transition into a new level.
• Lack of education: Traditional farmers are uneducated and lack the basic knowledge due to which they cannot maximise their output, hence affecting their growth and quality of produce. A degree in the same ensures a complete know how of the agricultural processes which will not only better the produce but also lead to innovations in the field. This is necessary to get better quality produce at a lower price.
• Organic solutions: As we delve into the research work and study about the agricultural processes, we understand that although the natural products provide the required nutrition for humanly needs but with a little help from technology and education it is possible to enhance the quality of the produce and get healthier crops. A degree education helps devlop the mind to innovate in this field.
So, getting a degree in agriculture is a good idea considering the opportunities it has to offer in terms of employment, research and developmental growth.

10 Useful apps for students

In the age of technology and artificial intelligence, the mobile phone has taken control of our lives in almost every sphere. While entertainment, communication and leisure are some of the most prominent areas of the smartphone era, the student life and the educational trends have seen notable changes including the transformation of the study methods and the inclusion of technology in the study process. More and more students these days prefer utilizing the online tools such as websites, applications and other resources to study. Books, although still preferred, are being replaced by tablets and e-readers in a few cases. With the infinite number of applications out there, it becomes difficult to choose the best and most convenient ones for utmost output and productivity. Here, we will list out the must have apps for students to increase their proficiency. These apps include:

10 Useful apps for students
1. Microsoft Office Mobile
Microsoft Office is an evergreen utility tool which helps you create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It is an important software and plays a major role in creating and managing data as well as presentations and datasheets. But, carrying a laptop everywhere becomes difficult and at times, when you do not have access to a portable computer, this app can be used to start working on the latest assignment on the go. The app is available free of cost.
2. Evernote
Since its debut in 2008, Evernote has remained popular for its ability to offer simple interface design which helps in management and productivity. With its latest updates, the app has become even more efficient and popular among the students as it offers freedom and simplicity to do various everyday tasks such as taking notes, setting reminders, creating agendas and even remote access through any device. For a student, this is a one stop solution for all organizational activities and can really affect their efficiency. The app is freely available on all popular OS platforms.
3. Khan Academy
The popular online platform which offers free education to the students worldwide is now available on the smartphone platform. This app is a must have for all the students as it offers courses varying from mathematics and science to literature and music. Everything is available on Khan Academy. The website has video courses on various subjects and the app, taking it to the next level offers the users the ability to download videos which might be useful to them. The video database currently has over 4200 videos in its depository. The app is free and available on all popular OS platforms.
4. My Study Life
Timetables, study hours, assignments and tests are some of the most prominent terms in the life of a student. And it takes a lot of hard work to manage the time between all of these as well as maintain a balance between the personal lives. But, with this app you can say goodbye to all those rough pages with dates and timings for various events! With all the data saved on the cloud, it offers notification for upcoming events. A simplified interface also provides users the ability to color code their classes making easier to differentiate between them. The app is available for free on all OS platforms.
5. Duolingo
A fun and addictive app which enables students to learn a new language, this app is completely free and offers an ad free experience to its users. Duolingo combines pictures with words to create an interactive language learning experience. This helps you supplement your second language in school and get a better hold of the same. Some of the commonly opted languages include French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. It uses several speaking and reading techniques to teach language skills and even provides the option to save the progress and compete with friends and family through healthy competitions and ratings.
6. Quora
Quora is the solution to every student’s query. This app connects users throughout the world and enables them to ask questions as well as respond to other’s queries. Students can ask question from other people on the platform. Considering the amount of queries that students have, this app offers the perfect solution to all the problems. Presence of experienced professionals and teachers on the platform allows the students to get proper guidance and advice. This app is a must have for all the students! It is available free of cost.
7. Dropbox for Mobile
As a student, sharing files is always a hassle full of pen drives, hard disks and usb cables. There is a dire need for wireless transfer and access to files over the cloud. All the files are stored at one location which is used to share and access the documents, photos and videos. Dropbox has now partnered with Microsoft giving users the ability to edit Office files online as well. Dropbox is an essential utility for the students as it makes sharing files easier and saves time.
8. CamScanner
Scanning documents and uploading them proves to be a tough challenge for the students since scanners are not very commonly available. But, at times of trouble, when you need to upload documents, CamScanner comes into play. This app uses the phone camera to scan a document and convert it into the PDF format enabling easy share over the internet. The app is available for free.
9. Alarmy
Having trouble waking up in the morning? Need more motivation to wake up in the morning? Alarmy is the solution to your waking up problem every morning. This is an alarm app but with a special feature. This alarm app requires the user to perform certain activities like gestures or clicking a picture for the alarm to stop ringing, without allowing the user to hit the snooze button. This app makes sure you get out of bed and get going! While this is a paid app on the Appstore, Rocket Alarm is a free alternative.
10. Scribd
Last but not the least; Scribd is a collection of over 1 million books providing the students with a walking library in their phones. This app requires a membership of $8.99 but gives access to almost every book required. This is a must have app for the avid readers and researchers.
So, it is clear that with the modernization of the education system, our methods and technologies are improving. While the basic education system remains the same, blending technology will only make us more efficient and make it easier for us to learn things. Hence, these apps are simply made to make your work easier.

Top 5 Technical skills every student should know

In the modern day where education has advanced along with technology and the methodology, it is highly necessary to make sure that a strong academic background is backed with practical knowledge as well as experience and pro-activeness in the outside world. As we move into the generation of e-learning and high-end technology, we list out the necessary technical skills which are a necessity for the students to develop their overall awareness and leave a lasting impact on anyone they encounter. While these skills might not seem like a big deal, but it is very important to realize the fact that getting good grades is very easy as compared to getting recognized for your capabilities. Follow us to see the necessary technical skills for the modern day student.


Software Suite Skills
While this might seem surprising, but, it is true that a number of students have difficulties navigating through simple software suites like word processors, spreadsheet, and presentation program and simple designing software. The most common of these is famously known as the Microsoft office suite, but other alternatives include Google Drive and Open Office suite which are free to use unlike the latter and follow the same functionality.
Proper knowledge and know-how of these programs not only simplifies common student life chores such as writing papers and reports but also helps innovate and impress their teachers and professors. While most commonly used examples of presentations are diagrams and posters, A PowerPoint presentation can be used to make the most impressive presentations and provide a cutting edge to your presentation skills. Learning functions in Excel can help calculations while practicing typing can help a student work on word processing and speed up their work.

Social Media
Yes, this might come as a shocker to some but social media is actually a skill and needs to be acknowledged by the students more than just a medium to gain popularity and post pictures. While most of us use it to post pictures, catch up with old friends and talk to people, we fail to realize that it does an important task of connecting people, but, this does not necessarily have to be personal relations. How awesome would it be if you looked up that startup CEO on Facebook and contacted him to learn more about his initiative or that group which has been working in the neighborhood for the welfare of stray dogs?
If students are motivated to understand the functionality of social media and realize its importance, it can have a lasting impact on their career and lead them to new heights. Networking on social media has a lasting impact and can open up doors to opportunities at the blink of an eye.

Professional Writing and Drafting skills
This is a skill which most people tend to ignore but it is high time we realized how important it is for students who are prospective corporate employees to have a good hand at writing professionally and having good email drafting skills. Since communication plays an important role in the everyday working of an organization, it is very important for the employees to put forward their ideas and thoughts. Hence, it is an absolute must for the students to start working on their professional writing skills in early college days.
Not only email writing, but these skills can take you a long way in terms of presentation and communicating with seniors and coworkers. Expressing can be difficult if correct words aren’t used and can be misinterpreted. Excellent writing skills can also help you gain a good social media presence and reputable impression on others.

Online Safety and Security
As we move into an era of technological advances and development and watch our lives’ transition into a simpler and intelligent phase, we also encounter a lot of attacks at our safety and privacy. Online security and safety is a very important aspect of all our dealings with technology and is a must for all the students. Security and alertness are not only required in the physical world but is equally important virtually as well to protect yourself from hackers and net attackers trying to invade your privacy leading to internet crimes.
Students need to be able to understand the risks of viruses, intrusions, and online attacks which are aimed to gain access to their passwords, files, and financial details. This type of knowledge is necessary as a company looks up to people who are active and can sense threats and tackle them efficiently.

Internet Navigation and Netiquette
We have been talking a lot about how students need to be active on social media and keep themselves secure online, but, what we forgot to mention was that being ‘online’ is possible because of the World Wide Web or the ‘Internet’ as we know it. It is a fact that our lives have transformed over the past few years and everything is moving online which implies that students too have access to the internet which is used for all common activities such as communicating, financial transactions and entertainment.
Hence, it becomes important for them to utilize the benefits of the medium in the most efficient way possible. The Internet is a powerful tool which can help students research and learn new things, considering e-learning is on the rise. It is a self-help tool for the students and one can learn the technicalities of the internet, they have the whole world of information at the touch of a button. This calls for a very important skill.
Secondly, how one acts on the internet is as important as discipline the physical world. How you communicate online reflects the person that you are in real life and it is important to be aware of netiquettes to get the best experience of the internet. Many employers these days monitor your online activity, hence, netiquette is important.

The above-mentioned points are necessary for any student and these technicalities should be kept in mind and practiced throughout your student life to have an amazing career ahead.

5 Reasons why Training is Essential

Engineering which is one of the most pursued career options has evolved immensely and with the technological advances taking place, it is very important for us to realize the importance of practical knowledge which plays a vital role in supporting the theoretical understanding. With the final semester approaching, a lot of students have several questions in their mind and most of them ultimately to the three letter word called “Job”. It is very important to understand that while academics and education are vital in making a successful engineer, it is highly recommended to be technically sound and have some practical experience before actually stepping out into the big world. Moreover, with the increasing number of colleges, a well-trained student the chances of getting selected over the others. Let us talk about the benefits of a technical training.

Stepping stone into the professional world
While good scores is what every student aims for, it is necessary to have a practical knowledge and understanding of technicalities in the field. This is what training motivates the students to do. The transition from college to the corporate world can be tough and if not prepared, the students can face a tough time adjusting to the new environment. Training not only provides technical experience but also helps them understand the organizational structure and its working.

Complements the theoretical knowledge
Sitting in classes, attending lectures and conducting experiments in the laboratory isn’t everything which is required to make a good engineer. Practical knowledge goes hand in hand with classroom study and not only does it teach them the actual working and concepts but also helps them analyze common causes of errors and their troubleshooting.

More than just education
Life is full of experiences and goes beyond the typical job terminology. Once a student steps into a new professional environment, looking forward to training in their field, they seek not only knowledge but also an overall personality development. With the number of people that you come across, each from different background, there is always a scope for learning and improvement. Training helps you develop your interpersonal skills and teach how to interact and act among different situations.

Exploration of abilities
At several times, training helps people realize their hidden talents and abilities which might have gone unnoticed during their time of study. When you are open to numerous opportunities and technologies there is a possibility of finding something which gives a new direction to your career. While it is good to keep aims and goals, keeping oneself open to learning other abilities is also important for your overall growth.

Above all, entering into the corporate world means you will meet a lot of people and you will need a lot of people. Training does that before you actually reach that stage. Networking is a very important part of one’s professional growth. The more number of people you meet and the more contacts you build, the better it is to kickstart your career.

5 Tips to make the most of your internship

5 Tips to make the most of your internship

You are in your final year of college and are almost on the verge of starting your career in your chosen profession. Years’ worth of education and all the hard work has brought you to the day when you can proudly start achieving greater heights. But, does the idea of an internship make you nervous? It is totally fine to be a little shaky, even if you have got all the small talks from family, friends and teachers, but, it isn’t about being nervous. It is more important to get yourself together and make the most out of the opportunity you’ve landed straight out of college. So we are going to talk about certain things which will help you make the most out of your internship.

1. Choose your interest, don’t stick to it.
While an internship sounds promising and adventurous, something we all need to accept is that in a well-established firm, you will still be treated as students. Keeping that in mind, it is also important to set your goals straight and rather than sticking to your chosen field of interest, be open to any task or opportunity that comes across because learning and experience is what you seek at this stage.

2. Punctuality and Discipline.
Having a good impression, not only your supervisor but your colleagues is equally important. An internship is as professional as a job and needs to be taken seriously. The first and the foremost rule of the corporal world is to be on time for everything. Your punctuality shows your seriousness and dedication to learn. If you want to leave a lasting impact on your seniors, showing your interest is very important. Treating everyone around you with respect and gestures like smiling often go a long way and leaves a lasting impression on the other person’s mind.

3. Presentation is important.
It is not only about your inner abilities but also about how you go about presenting yourself. Walking into the office smartly dressed not only gives the other person a good impression of you but even makes you feel comfortable about yourself. It is important to ditch the jeans and T-shirt and dress up formally to leave a lasting impression.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility are important.
When you go into a completely new environment, it is very important to understand how things work around the place and to be open to change. A transition from college to the corporate world can have drastic changes both emotionally and culturally, but it is very important to be flexible to things and to willingly accept the challenges as they come. It is not easy but if you are ready to adapt, it can go a long way.

5. Networking- Never miss an opportunity
Since you are new to the place, it is alright to talk to people and seek their help if needed. It is always encouraged to smile at the executive next to you or strike off a conversation with a manager you do not know. Not only during the internship, but these connections can build relations which can help you during tough times.

4 CGC Jhanjeri Clubs & Committees you should know about

In the modern era of education, there has been a constant transition taking place in order to replace the age old methods of learning with newer, more efficient techniques to optimize learning and performance.

With the blending of technology and education, the whole system has seen drastic changes in the way students learn and perform these days, but, with the easing of the process the competition has also increased ten folds with students exploiting technological means to innovate and invent advanced and simpler answers to all their inquisitive queries. But, with such advancement and innovation, it is necessary that the students maintain a balanced state of mind to promote healthy competition and to understand the practical implications of their knowledge.

This further helps them understand the post-college environment and the corporate culture, hence, preparing them for the challenges ahead.

We, at CGC Jhanjeri believe in a combination of practical as well as theoretical knowledge in equal proportions and to promote the same, we have certain clubs and events which are organized keeping in mind these aims to make our students smarter and innovative. So, here we present to you all the details about the clubs in CGC you should know about.

4 CGC Jhanjeri Clubs & Committees you should know about
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8 Tips to Make the Most of the Exams Season

College life is indeed one of the most memorable phases of any bodies’ life, where a student gets to explore and enjoy various activities such as going out with friends in between classes, visiting a cinema, college fest etc. However when it’s time to appear for exams, one needs to be very serious and make the best out of the exam period. Following are some tips which would help students prepare for their exams:


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10 reasons why Engineering is the way forward

If you find yourself at a threshold where you cannot make up your mind as to which field to take, then the article below may prove to be a little beneficial. If you have an interest in science then you might think of being an engineer. There are ifs and buts in any and every choice you make and it’s even more crucial when it involves your future.


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