Pursuing BBA LLB after 12th? You are on the Right Track..!

In today's era, the law is not limited to courts and cases only. Suppose a company wants to spread its business all over the world. In that case, it will also have to fulfill some legal requirements, which only a person who knows the law can tell and help the company so that the company is comfortable to do your business without any restrictions. Every country has different rules and regulations, without which you cannot do your business. The law is not only used for criminal cases, but now it is also helpful in fulfilling the statutory legal formalities of the company. If you have thought that you want to make your career in Law, you have come to the right place.


In this course, you will learn a lot, so you will have a lot of fun as you move forward in your career. After doing law from the best management institute in Chandigarh, the avenues of many opportunities will open for you, and you will get a stable job which every person wants to be set in their life and make a successful career only.


After graduating from the top college in Chandigarh, you will become a proficient player in the field of law as well as in management.


This course will take your Analytical, Critical Lateral Things, Research, and Public Speaking to the peak. In this course, you will learn how to fulfill legal formalities, which gives you all that knowledge of running a company's rules and regulations.


This course tells you about Social Responsibility, how the company meets its social responsibilities and how the company can work for the betterment of society.


Top colleges in Punjab will teach you all that will make you work globally and take your value to the extreme.


Skills you learn while pursuing BBA LLB


This course is a win-win situation for every student. In this, you will be able to study both law and management. Management should help you coordinate the company better, and the law ultimately allows the companies' legalities.


Law Course from Top Colleges in Punjab helps you to enhance your skills and futuristic thinking to convert your logical thinking into creativity. This program will open that part of your brain that will teach you to be pen and decide even in the most challenging situations.


Chandigarh Group of Colleges - Jhanjeri will enhance your skills so much that you will become a master of your field and brighten your future.


Prepares you for both the management and law sector


After this program, if you want, you can make your career in management or law and then most of all, you can make your career in both together because nowadays companies have to do different types of contracts, to fulfill them, along with the management of law. There is also a lot of need, and this work can be done only by someone who knows the law and governance.


Other Integrated Law courses




B.Com. LLB


To become a successful business consultant, you should have deep knowledge of law and management, which helps you to give fruitful advice to entrepreneurs and helps them in achieving their objectives.


After Graduation From the Top Colleges Of Chandigarh, You Will Get Many Job Opportunities after BBA LLB. You Can Make Your Career Wherever You Want.


Every day, a new start-up venture emerges, bringing innovation not only to its products and services but also unique exposure and customer value proposition, creating jobs and business opportunities for those who wish to provide solutions. And can apply business and legal knowledge to monetize the opportunity.


Students who have completed B.B.A. or L.L.B. The degree has many job opportunities in administration, planning, management, banking, and industrial sectors besides the legal profession and judiciary. Following are some of the job opportunities for BBA LLB graduates:


  1. Working as a paralegal assistant on specific assignments with law firms/companies
  2. Human resource manager with companies/law firms
  3. Legal probationary officer with reputed banks of India
  4. Finance Manager/ Management Accountant
  5. Working as an advocate pursuing Corporate Litigation with practicing advocates
  6. Law reporter with media houses
  7. Becoming a legal professor at reputed universities in the country and abroad ·
  8. Preparing for Indian Administrative Services


Discharge the role of Company Secretary in big corporate houses, if the student also picks up an added qualification of CS along with BBA LLB

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