Solving Mysteries Through Science: A Closer Look At B.Sc. Forensic Studies

B.Sc. Forensic Sciences, a three-year undergraduate program, focuses on the application of scientific knowledge for crime investigation. Forensic biology, forensic chemistry, crime scene investigation, and toxicology are just a few criminalistic specialists covered in the program. It covers theoretical as well as practical aspects of each discipline.

Students must have successfully completed their 10+2 from a recognized board. Admission to the B.Sc. Forensic Sciences program is done on the basis of merit or entrance exam.

The fees for B.Sc. Forensic Sciences varies from college to college. The average fee for the course is around INR 50,000 - INR 2.5 lakhs. CGC, Jhanjeri is one of the Best B.Sc. Forensic Sciences College in Punjab.

What is meant by Forensic Sciences?

The word ‘Forensic’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘forensis’ which means of or before the forum.

The use of science in criminal investigations and legal issues is known as forensic science. The field of forensic science is broad and includes a variety of scientific disciplines like chemistry, biology, physics, geology, physiology, and social sciences.

Investigations into crimes like rapes, murders, and drug trafficking are all part of forensic science.

The CGC Jhanjeri is the Best B.Sc.Forensic Sciences College in Mohali is intended to give students a strong foundation in the scientific and technical aspects of forensic techniques, evidence processing, and crime scene investigation.

Why Take A B.Sc. In Forensic Science?

  1. A student should choose this course if they are interested in using science to solve complex crime-related problems.
  2. Justice and law are closely related fields of forensic science. By providing evidence, forensic tests performed by forensic scientists save the lives of many innocent people.
  3. The training program improves a person’s natural ability for detective work. They benefit from having sharp analytical skills and great observational abilities as well as the ability to think from various perspectives.
  4. Correct forensic tests require proper analytical skills which can be accomplished through technological skill development and careful observation.

Eligibility for B.Sc. Forensic Sciences

You should enroll in forensic sciences program if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Candidates must have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from a renowned institute.
  2. They must have obtained at least 50% marks in the previous examination.

What are the skills required for admission to the Best B.Sc. Forensic Sciences College in Punjab?

The following skills are required for admission to the Best B.Sc. Forensic Sciences College in Punjab:

  1. Research Techniques
  2. Organizing methods
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Intellectual Ability
  5. Teamwork Risk Assessment
  6. Analysis and Decision Making

Career Prospects After B.Sc. Forensic Sciences

After receiving a degree from one of the Best B.Sc. Forensic Sciences College in Punjab, candidates have a wide range of employment opportunities:

  1. Criminal Pathologists
  2. Forensic Anthropology Specialists
  3. Clinical Forensic Medicine Specialists
  4. Criminalistic Chemists
  5. Crime Language Experts
  6. Toxicologists
  7. Forensic Specialists/Scientists

Top Recruiters at the Best B.Sc. Forensic Sciences College in Punjab

The government is in need of graduates with degrees in Forensic Sciences. The following are the top recruiters:

  1. Information Bureau (IB)
  2. Bureau of Central Investigation (CBI)
  3. Centers for Forensic Science in the Government
  4. Army
  5. Bureau of Narcotic Control
  6. Police Division
  7. Law Offices
  8. Hospitals

Admissions Open at CGC Jhanjeri for Forensic Sciences

Do you want to advance your career in forensics? Admissions open for B.Sc. Forensic Sciences at CGC, Jhanjeri. Modern facilities and knowledgeable faculties are present to guide the students and shape their careers.


What is the duration of B.Sc. Forensic Sciences at CGC, Jhanjeri?

The duration of B.Sc. Forensic Sciences at CGC, Jhanjeri is 3 years and is divided into six semesters.

What is the role of forensic scientists?

The evidence from crime scenes is gathered and examined by forensic experts. From DNA sampling to blood pattern analysis, forensic scientists perform them all.

How reliable is a forensic science degree?

The future of forensic science is bright and profitable. Students get employed in various firms such as forensic laboratories, crime investigation divisions, private firms, and even higher education and specializations.

Does CGC, Jhanjeri offer internships and practical training to the students?

Yes, practical training and internships are part of the curriculum at CGC, Jhanjeri. These help in gaining practical knowledge along with theoretical concepts.

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