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Studied Bachelor of Operation Theatre Technology (BOTT)? Pursue a career as Operation Theatre Technician with these skills

The candidates pursue the B.Sc. OTT course, which is built on helping surgeons and other specialized professionals during operations. Additionally, they frequently help the surgical and anesthesia teams and arrange and maintain the equipment in operating rooms. You may decide if becoming an operating room technician is the perfect career for you by learning what one does. In this post, we'll talk about what an operating room technician is, look at their duties and talents, look at their pay, and find out how to become one.

It is necessary to complete your 10+2 from an accredited board with physics, chemistry, and biology as core topics and earn a minimum of 50% of the possible points in order to study paramedical courses such as Bachelor of Operation Theatre Technology (BOTT). Then, in order to pursue a bachelor's degree in operating room technology and begin your profession, you might need to pass entrance tests. Finally, if you want to improve your knowledge and abilities and raise your chances of landing a job, consider pursuing a master's degree in operation theatre technology.

Skills You Need To Become An Operating Theatre Technician

After graduating from the top B.Sc. OTT college, a candidate gets numerous OTT career options. One of such careers is to be an operating theatre technician. But you need some skills to be a successful OTT in the future. Some of the talents that can help OTT candidates are the ones listed below:

Teamwork skills

The traits and abilities that enable you to work effectively with others in talks, tasks, meetings, and other situations are known as teamwork skills. Your ability to effectively communicate, actively listen, and act in a responsible and honest manner are all key components of teamwork. The ability to work well with the rest of the team is essential for operating room technicians.

In an operating room, where each person typically performs a specific and crucial task, it is imperative that team members accomplish their tasks in agreement with one another. Operating theatre personnel frequently take the initiative to help their teammates and add to the efficiency of the operation.

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Communication skills

In the workplace, good communication can reduce stress and promote teamwork, which is essential in the healthcare and medical industries. During procedures in an operating room, open communication between team members is crucial. From the main surgeon to the patient, the OTT medical course prepares the operating room technicians to frequently communicate with everyone in the room clearly and effectively. It's critical to have the ability to provide accurate and timely information while also listening well. OTTs that are good at communicating is often able to provide essential information on the patient's vital signs while the surgery progresses.

Ability to work under pressure

It could be simpler to return your attention to your activity rather than to nervous thoughts if you can learn to control your emotions under pressure. As a result, you might develop into a technician who is more effective. You can become a more optimistic person by learning techniques for keeping your optimism when things are tough. Operating theatre technicians may be expected by employers to focus and work quickly under pressure.

Emergency operations frequently call for quick reactions from the operating team to unforeseen events. A crucial skill for OTTs is the capacity to do assignments with little or no notice. Even though they are exhausted, they typically need to keep their attention and engagement in order to complete an operation.


Operating room technicians must have empathy because they may deal with patients from all backgrounds and suffering from a variety of medical conditions. You can be a more effective technician if you can understand the patients' situations and show concern. When speaking with your team, empathy may be useful since you might be more responsive to help them if you take into account their situations.


An operating room technician must be skilled at handling surgical instruments without breaking them. They must support the surgical team without making mistakes as well. Being an OTT involves you carrying out tasks and duties in an operating room properly and with assurance.

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