The Road To Business Brilliance At The Top BBA College In Mohali

Getting enrolled in a Bachelor of Business Administration program is the best option if the business and corporate sectors are your dream careers and you intend to follow a course in this field. Your understanding of the challenges of the business time frame is completely prepared for you by this training.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The best route into the corporate sector is with a business bachelor's degree. You can gain the information you need to succeed in the corporate world at the top BBA college in Mohali, CGC Jhanjeri, with the help of this curriculum.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

An undergraduate degree that prepares students in business and administration is the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Subjects including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations are commonly addressed in the course requirements for a bachelor of business management at CGC Jhanjeri, the top BBA college in Mohali. The BBA course fees are about Rs 39,600/- per semester.

BBA Eligibility Criteria

Students from numerous fields, including science, business, and the arts, are eligible for admission to the BBA program.

For BBA course eligibility, the candidate must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board with at least 50% marks.

Potential Careers of Pursuing a BBA

One of the most desired degrees available for business managers is the Bachelor’s Degree in Business. It gives the students a variety of career opportunities in marketing, finance, human resources, sales, and other fields.

The top BBA college in Mohali, CGC Jhanjeri offers you the managerial training and practical experience you need to succeed in the global business world. Along with learning from the best educators in the field, there are several possibilities to improve your practical experience thanks to our strong industry relationships.

Graduates from Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri, which offers one of the highest compensation packages among BBA colleges in India, have been hired by companies like Redcarpet Tech Pvt. Ltd., Franciscan Solutions, Aditya Birla Health Insurance, Thomson Digital / Digiscape Techa, among others, with a salary range of INR 2.8 LPA to INR 5.4 LPA.

Bachelor of Business Administration Course Details

The BBA course details are as follows:

  1. Business Economics
  2. Business Mathematics
  3. Management Principles
  4. Organizational Behavior
  5. Accounting
  6. Marketing
  7. Human Resource Management

You can pursue the following careers with a BBA degree from the top BBA college in Mohali, CGC Jhanjeri:

BBA graduates frequently find employment in management positions where they may manage teams, make strategic choices, and direct daily operations.

BBA graduates can work in marketing and sales departments where they can perform market research, design marketing strategies, oversee advertising campaigns, and carry out sales operations.

With a BBA, you can pursue opportunities in finance and accounting, including financial analysis, investment banking, corporate finance, and accounting.

BBA graduates can work in the human resource field, handling hiring, training, and development of employees, performance evaluation, and employee relations.

After completing the BBA degree at the top BBA college in Mohali CGC Jhanjeri, students are prepared to launch their own firms and pursue entrepreneurship. They are able to spot market opportunities, create company plans, and handle a variety of startup-related tasks.

BBA graduates with consulting experience can help businesses with their strategy, operations, marketing, or human resource needs.

Skills Developed During BBA

A BBA course at CGC Jhanjeri, the top BBA college in Mohali, helps students acquire a wide range of career-building abilities. The following skills can be acquired through the program:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Teamwork
  6. Collaborative skills
  7. Financial analysis
  8. Decision making
  9. Market research and strategy
  10. Project management

BBA Admission open at CGC Jhanjeri. With years of expertise in their various professions, the faculty at CGC Jhanjeri is highly qualified. The faculty stays updated on the newest business trends due to frequent training sessions, workshops, and industry interactions. This is evident in their methods of instruction and the information they communicate to the students.


Q: Why should one pursue a BBA?

A: After class 10+2, BBA is the program of choice for students who wish to work in management or business. One gains leadership and management skills. Students will learn more about market demands and numerous global trends through the BBA program. Additionally, it expands career opportunities and enables graduates to earn decent incomes.

Q: What types of jobs opportunities are available to students who pursue a BBA?

A: Human Resource Manager, Information Systems Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Administration Researcher, Business Consultant, Finance Manager, Operations Manager, and many other positions are available to students who pursue a BBA degree.

Q: What skills and qualities are employers looking for in BBA graduates?

A: Employers prefer BBA graduates with strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities, interpersonal and communication qualities, leadership potential, presentation skills, collaborative skills, teamwork, adaptability, financial analysis, decision making, and a thirst for knowledge.