What is taught in BSc Fashion Designing at CGC-J, one of the reputed fashion designing colleges in India?

Fashion design is the practice of enhancing clothing and accessories with natural beauty, design, and aesthetics. It is influenced by social and cultural perspectives, and it has evolved over time and since its inception. To check your BSc Fashion Designing eligibility, click here!

Chandigarh Group of Colleges-Jhanjeri's Fashion Designer course duration is 3-years.

You will actually want to contribute to creating the billions of items of clothing and accessories that consumers regularly purchase as fashion planners and designers. Additionally, the designers will pay attention to fashion trends, sketch out outfits and accessories, select colors and materials, and manage the production of the designs. The abilities listed below, which are essential for becoming a successful fashion designer, will be part of your resume when you complete our program. The following abilities could be acquired:


  • Improved Talents in the Arts and Creativity
  • The Capability of Drawing Excellently
  • Fine Detail-Orientation
  • Visualization Techniques
  • A sharp mind for business management.
  • An interest in perennial trends
  • Based on these qualities, CGC-J is recognized as one of the top B.Sc. fashion designing colleges in Chandigarh, Punjab.

BSc Fashion Designing Career

Students pursuing degrees in BSc fashion design are spoiled for choice, with so many opportunities to showcase their skills in a variety of ways. After graduating from FD, you could work in one of the following fields:

Fashion Designer

Fashion design is the most popular career path chosen by students in this field, and it entails working primarily in the apparel sector. Fashion designers frequently observe the most recent fashion trends and introduce new ones through their unique perspectives on the ever-expanding market. Fashion designers also play an important role in shaping the future of fashion by attending and watching fashion shows and exhibitions. CGC-J gives the best education with minimal fashion designer course fees.

Fashion Consultant

A fashion consultant is knowledgeable about fashion design and is an expert in it. They should become knowledgeable about the most recent changes and trends in fashion. They are also known as "style specialists," and it is their job to be keen observers of fashionable trends and make sure that the organization's production line is incompatible with them. Among the many fashion designing colleges in India, CGC-J has made its place among the top institutes in the city.

Fashion Merchandiser

A career as a fashion merchandiser is simple for someone who enrolls in one of the best BSc fashion designing colleges in Punjab. This expert team is in charge of displaying the manufactured clothes and accessories. He or she must fulfill the requirement of dealing with the sales of a style home or office by reviewing previous and current sales. A style merchandiser gathers customer nuances and assesses their interest in products by collaborating with the production and design teams.

Textile Designer

Textile design is a position that BSc Fashion Designing Colleges in Chandigarh offer to their students. A textile designer creates various knitting patterns and 2D printed fabric patterns to improve the quality and functionality of clothing. These designers work in the textile and fashion industries. Become the best textile designer in your city by graduating from CGC-J with a nominal BSc fashion designing fee.

Final Thoughts

Today's fashion design students have a diverse range of career options. As the international fashion industry enters the domestic market, the range of work for an Indian designer is gradually expanding. The current generation of fashion design students has a promising future.

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