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About BOMBERS- The Marketing Club at CGC Jhanjeri

As a club , we bring together some of the brightest minds , interested in exploring the ever changing dynamics of marketing. The club aims at keeping members abreast with latest on marketing while integrating the vast experience of it’s members across functions and industries such as advertising, research, sales, branding communication and digital marketing to name a few.

We firmly believe that a sound business education is an ideal mix of a world class curriculum and practical learning opportunities. As such, the club strives to create opportunities for members to keep on learning new insights in marketing and corporate strategy.

Our objective is to make the club the most valuable resource for students interested in marketing through collaboration of our members, officers, career services and other entities with outside world.



To make the club the most valuable resource for students interested in Marketing through collaboration of our members, officers, career services and other entities with the outside world.

The objectives of the Club are:

  • To make students come up with creative thinking abilities in solving problems and marketing issues.
  • To make students abreast of the current scenario and the happenings around the world in the marketing space.
  • To groom the personality of the students and make them more self-confident in facing this world.
  • To provide and teach them art and techniques related to marketing which would help them be industry-ready.
  • To make students understand the importance of teamwork and make them realize their leadership qualities.


Function of Marketing Club

To help students derive value through collaboration of our members and help nurture their talent that will give them an edge across various functions of marketing such as Digital Marketing, online sales, offline sales and branding communication.

The Proposed Module-

The Marketing club hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including : Marketing Club Forum, Brand Challenge, Case Competitions. Proposed module include-

1. Project Presentations
2. Role Plays
3. Career Planning- A talk by guests.
4. Business Plan Presentation
5. Designing creative communication messages

6. Live Marketing Projects
7. Event Management
8. Cultural Events
9. Case Studies
10. Mock Interviews

Executive Members of the Club

Faculty Convener : Mr. Sachin Ms. Ritika Chaudhary
Student President : Gagandeep Singh (MBA 2nd year) Nikita Sharma (MBA 2nd year)
Student President Vice President : Rishabh Abrol (MBA 2nd year) Akhil Tyagi (MBA 1st year)
Student Secretary : Megha (MBA 1st year) Sunil Sharma (MBA 1st year)



Contact Details


Faculty Convener :


Name Phone Number E-mail
Megha Gupta (MBA 1st yr) 7982180412
Sunil Sharma (MBA 1st yr) 8699234777
Akhil Tyagi(MBA 1st yr) 9354254502
Rishab Abrol (MBA 2nd yr) 9622220101
Nikita Sharma(MBA 2nd yr) 9990458236
Gagandeep Singh (MBA 2nd yr) 7006003596


Future Events of Marketing Club


1. Google Digital Marketing certification ( Tentative Week- 10th Feb to 14th Feb)
2. Business Quiz ( Tentative Date – 19 March)
3. Ad- Mad Show (Tentative Date- 2nd April)

Our Top Recruiters

Various top recruiters that visited CGC Jhanjeri campus in the year 2020-21!