The Boon of Artificial Intelligence in Our Life

In the field of computers and its associated areas, a very important role is played by the word artificial intelligence. Tremendous advancements have been made in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning and this has resulted in gaining of its popularity over time, and an increase in the demand for B.Sc. artificial intelligence and machine learning graduates.

In case anyone is not aware, then, machine learning is the field of artificial intelligence where daily operations are performed by machines in a way that is more efficient and smarter than the humans. Machines are now able to think on their own and have cognitive abilities and in many ways outsmarting the humans. The pace at which they can learn, adapt and perform duties is much better than humans.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Our Life

With the advent of artificial intelligence, there will be tools and techniques that will make the world a better place to live in.

Influence on Business by Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, new products, processes, and capabilities are being developed by companies day in and day out that are altering the face from manufacturing to financing. The technology promises to deliver not only the competitive advantage but also savings on cost and time. A number of companies are now hiring B.Sc. artificial intelligence and machine learning qualified professionals on a regular basis.

Heineken is a 150-year-old company and it has already started using AI, which collects a large amount of data and the internet of things, all of this is used to make important marketing decisions, improve customer relations and daily operation for the company. Artificial intelligence is helping companies of all sizes starting from optimizing delivery routes and managing the global supply chain. It not only helps in improving the profitability of the company but also fine-tunes the sourcing of material to accounting and sales and enhances the overall business lifecycle of companies. Products and services are being designed, produced and delivered by the companies better than ever before, resulting in an increased demand for B.Sc. artificial intelligence and machine learning professionals.

Artificial Intelligence is Saving Lives

This technology is not only making our lives comfortable but it is also contributing to saving them. A number of tech companies are of the view that artificial intelligence can improve the healthcare system in a big way. Starting from better diagnostic tools to personalized drug protocol along with surgeries being assisted by robots, AI holds many promises for the healthcare industry.

Another area of healthcare is the environment that has been of great concern to every country in the world. Tech companies view a number of solutions can be provided by AI in this area as well. The effect of global warming is clear and quite evident and AI has the capability to provide some solutions here. The need for smart agriculture to feed an increasing population to efficient use of our natural resources can be provided by AI, in short, it can help sort all the challenges that we face globally. With B.Sc. artificial intelligence and machine learning degree you can make a promising career in this field.

Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Entertainment

After making our lives comfortable and healthy, AI intelligence also holds the promise of providing the best of entertainment to us. Artificial intelligence is being used to develop recipes depending on what is available in the cupboard at present, composing books and music for us, and also create work of art. The recommendation engines powered by AI help to streamline the process of our decision making in Netflix and Spotify on the type of show we are searching to watch or listen to.

The world is absorbed by the virtual reality games, which is an industry-created solely by the miracles of artificial intelligence. Now you don’t need a human company to play the games with you, for artificial intelligence has created bots that are as intelligent and playful just like any other human, plus they never get tired. The gaming industry has climbed to a whole new level thanks to the level of personal details and graphics that are provided by AI. You can enter the gaming industry by obtaining B.Sc. artificial intelligence and machine learning degree.

Artificial Intelligence for the Banking and Financing Sector

A significant number of activities in the banking sector are now being handled by artificial intelligence. Machine learning models have been developed that make it much easier and efficient to handle stock market money and its management, various transactions and financial operations of banks. ATM machine and online transactions of money are just two of the many things that have been made possible by AI. Professionals with B.Sc. artificial intelligence and machine learning degree are in high demand in the banking sector.

AI is being used to check the financial transaction and decipher whether it has anything to do with money laundering or not. Anything that is being found suspicious is reported to regulators immediately. Now, we don’t have to go to brick and mortar banks to carry out a financial transaction, all this can be done sitting at the comfort of our homes. It is also possible to prevent theft and check out suspicious activities and the geographical location where they are being performed. Artificial intelligence is certainly changing the way structure and operational arrangement of the financial sector.


Artificial intelligence holds many more promises and benefits than the ones that are mentioned in this blog. This field is growing at a phenomenal rate and will continue to do so in many more years to come. However, caution should be exercised so as to not use it in any negative way. Anyone looking to make a career in this field can do so by pursuing B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from CGC Jhanjeri.

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