Agriculture is both the practical application and theoretical study for example the cultivation of cereals. A degree in agriculture will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to manage business farms and agriculture business or to work in areas such as food production agriculture sales and farming journalism. Job options that open up after completing a Bachelor of Agriculture (Hons.) Agriculture from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri includes estate manager, agriculture consultant, rural practice surveyor, fish farm manager, soil scientist, plant breeder/geneticist, among others. A career in agriculture will be one of the fastest-growing ones which will provide you with a robust career and will keep you in demand always.

B.Sc Agriculture Scope and Salary in India

Acquiring the Much Needed Work Experience

Hands-on work experience plays an important role in securing a job that you deserve and wanting to have. When you take admission to a college to pursue B.Sc. (Hons.) agriculture, make sure that you will be provided the much-needed work experience in getting a job. Relevant industrial exposure will enable us to put the theoretical knowledge into practical usage and will make the student ready for the job. At CGC Jhanjeri, regular visits to agriculture farms and industries are conducted to make students aware of the various activities that are conducted on farms, and how agriculture produce is maximized. Students are made to work on several projects while they are completing their studies here at the college.

What do you learn from an agriculture degree?

A degree in agriculture science will take you through the study of farming practice at the macro level and will make you aware of the ethical and environmental solutions to feed a global population that continues to grow unchecked. Modules that may be included in such a course include pasture and cropping sciences, and plant nutrition. Agronomy will enable you to explore plant and soil sciences, work with businesses to come out with a way to not only optimize yields, and foster sustainable farming. The topic of agriculture economics will comprise of applied economics delving deep into the field of agriculture, analyze the finances, and how various financial tools such as tariffs will impact the industry. Moreover, various ways are also explored to utilize natural resources.

A Bachelor of agriculture from CGC Jhanjeri will contain a mix of core modules such as data analysis, public policy, environmental sustainability, with electives such as livestock production science or applied econometrics. Some colleges provide degrees for three years while others provide it for four years, which can be further extended to the doctoral level. Some of the courses are trimmed to suit the local requirements, and students get practical exposure at the micro-farm site that is created by the college to educate students. Look at the track record of the placement that is provided by the college, this will provide a clear parameter of the quality of education that is provided here.

Economists have strong reasons that agriculture is much more effective in reducing the poverty of the world as compared to any other sector. For young entrepreneurs, it means abundance of opportunities and on top of this, there is a huge demand for young professionals in this sector who can come out with new innovative ways to solve problems. Whatever may be the state of the world, but one thing will remain firm and strong always, and that is the need to feed the world. This is one thing that no other industry will be able to fulfill. This means that there is endless scope for B.Sc. agriculture professionals who have the knowledge and can deliver results.

Attractive scholarships and loan facilities from various banks are available for students who want to take admission in B.Sc. (Hons.) agriculture at CGC Jhanjeri, this means that tuition fees will never be a hindrance in obtaining the quality higher education that one has the right to have. This is one field for which demand will always remain as long as humans are living on this planet. As has been mentioned at the beginning of this article, job prospects in agriculture are not restricted to just one field. Governments of almost every country have realized the importance of and are making efforts to increase their agriculture produce. The biggest reason for this is that the landmass for agriculture is reducing, but the demand for food is increasing.

Earning Potential for Agriculture Graduates

There are abundant job opportunities both in the private and government sector. A B.Sc. (Hons.) agriculture degree holder from CGC Jhanjeri can find job opportunities as an agriculture officer, quality assurance officer, research officer, agriculture loan officer, operation manager, production manager, and farm manager in the agriculture department at the state level. Agriculture graduates can also find jobs in various firms in the private sector, such as that of manager at the plantation, as an officer at the agriculture machinery industry, fertilizer manufacturing firm, food processing units, agriculture product marketing firms, etc. The average salary package range from five to six lakh per annum after a couple of years of experience, and has the experience and knowledge of the person increases so does the earning package for the person.

A career decision is a matter of your life and we need to be doubly sure as to which career we want to pursue and why we want to pursue it. This time will never come back and a wrong decision will not only result in loss of money but also the loss of time. There is no second thought that there is and there will be demand for competent professionals in the field of agriculture. If you want to make a career in this field, you should acquire the best of knowledge that is demanded by this field. Make sure you earn your agriculture degree from a college that has a good infrastructure and has a good history of placement. At CGC Jhanjeri you will get and find all that is required a successful career for yourself in the field of agriculture. Before you decide on taking admission to a college, do take a look at the academic facilities that are available at CGC Jhanjeri.

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