Anti Ragging Campus

Anti Ragging Measures

The need for adopting as strict as possible Anti Ragging measures can never be over-emphasized. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has laid down very strict rules for implementation of Anti Ragging measures to avoid occurrence of ragging inside or outside the campus.

Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline.

Ragging ordinarily means an act conducted or practiced by which power or status of senior students is brought to bear upon students freshly enrolled or students who are in any way considered junior by other students and includes individual or collective acts / practices which involve:

  • Physical assault or threat or use of physical force.
  • Violation of the dignity of other students.
  • Exposing students to ridicule and contempt and affecting their self esteem.
  • Entailing verbal abuse, aggression and indecent behavior.
  • Strict norms have been laid out to ensure smooth induction of new students into the campus as well as to ensure that no undesirable activity takes place under any circumstances. All students will be made to sign anti ragging declaration.
  • Exemplary punishments will be awarded to the defaulting students which may include rustication from the Institute and handing over the defaulter to the police for dealing with criminal offence of ragging.

Anti ragging committee:

  • Ragging is totally banned in this institution and anyone found guilty of ragging
  • and/or abetting it, is liable to be punished appropriately.
  • In case you face any problem regarding ragging, you may contact any one of the following members of anti ragging committee.



Designation Contact No
Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Executive Director Chairman 9517900645
Dr. Ashwani Sharma, HOD Applied Sciences Convener 8872048011
Dr. Rinni Saxena, Professor CSE Co-Convener 9465702074
Ms. Richa Mehta, Asst. Professor ECE Member 9781247703
Dr. Anmol Gautam Member 9417895910
Mr. Ashish, Asst.Prof.Applied Sciences Member 8146586560
Lt.Rohan Dadwal,Associate NCC Officer Member 9878977468
Mr. Yash Tiwari, Sports Incharge Member 9464894626
Mr. Vinod Kumar, Hostel Warden Member 9872963164
Ms. Sandeepa, Girls hostel Warden Member 7527099632
Mr. Halder, Librarian Member 9888234653

Grievance Redressal committee

Grievance redressal committee is constituted to handle grievances of students and staff at department level.

  • Constituted to probe into student, faculty and non teaching staff grievances.
  • Redresses the grievance at individual, class level and grievances of common interest.
  • Deals with appeals regarding any decision made by other committees/authorities.
  • To maintain a register for grievances and frequent checking of same for taking remedial action
  • Grievances which are beyond the control of department will be forwarded to management for further action.



Name Designation Role Contact No.
Dr. Neeraj Sharma Executive Director Chairperson 9517900645
Dr. Rajni Associate Professor Member 9781041471
Ms. Krishna Assistant Professor Member 9780739074
Dr. Pardeep Kamboj Professor & Head Member 9896989643
Ms. Ankita sood HR Manager Member 9875910155
Dr. Navdeep Prashar Associate Professor Member 7018274612
Mr. Arif Assistant Professor Member 8847293512

Reserved Category Cell (SC/ST/OBC)


  • To create and maintain safe, healthy and supportive environment for SC/ST/OBC staff and students in the campus.
  • To address the issues of staff and students, belonging to schedule caste/schedule tribes in the institute and to prevent atrocities against them.
  • To comply with AICTE regulations for the establishment of the committee for SC/ST (As per the scheduled caste and the scheduled tribes (prevention of Atrocities) act,1989,No.33 of 1989, dated (11/09/1989).


  • To look into the complaints if any received from the concerned staff and students belonging to SC/ST.
  • The social welfare committee functions to promote technical and management education among OBC/SC/ST students and other weaker section of the society.
  • It continuously monitors and evaluates reservation policies intended for OBC/SC/STs welfare by the government of Punjab and also for the effective implementation of the same welfare.
  • Monitoring qualified and eligible students to get both free reimbursement and scholarship.
  • If any student fails to get both fee reimbursement and scholarship, he/she can make a complaint to social Welfare Committee of the college.
  • The committee in consultation with the scholarship clerk takes relevant measure to ensure that every student obtains scholarship.
Sr.No. Name of the committee member Committee Designation Email ID Contact no
1. Dr. Ashwani Sharma, HOD Applied science Chairman 8872048011
2. Mr. Anup Singh Suryavanshi, Director Admin Member 8872048080
3. Ms. Rupinder Kaur Wadhwa, Assistant Professor Member 7814215218
4. Mr. Sunny Kandal, Assistant Registrar Member 8872048004

Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) Details



Sr.No. Name of the committee member Profession Associated with Mobile no Email address Designation Gender
1. Dr. Neeraj Sharma Chairman CECJ 9517900645 Executive Director Male
2. Dr. Pardeep Kamboj Member CECJ 9896989643 HOD ME Male
3. Mr. Kawardeep Singh Member CECJ 9781925228 Non teaching faculty Male
4. Ms. Yashika Student CECJ 7988022792 Student Female
5 Mr. Rohan Member CECJ 9878977468 Non teaching faculty Male
6. Ms. Sambhavi Singh Student CECJ 9308017681 Student Female
7. Ms. Monika Member CECJ 9876404008 Student welfare Female
8. Mr. Akash Student CECJ 9544049795 Student Male

Internal Quality Assurance Cell- Faculty of Management (IQAC- CEC)

Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC at CEC aims to become a part of the institution's system and works towards realization of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. IQAC at CEC is meant for planning, guiding and monitoring Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement activities of the College.


  • To develop a quality system for conscious, consistent and catalytic programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance.
  • To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement by quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.


Sr. No. Name of a Member Role in CEC IQAC
1. Dr. Neeraj Sharma Chairman
2. Dr. Bhasker Pratap Choudhary Coordinator
3. Dr. Sajjan Member
4. Mr. Sanjay Sharma, CAFO Accounts
5. Mr. Sunny Kandal, Assistant Registrar, CGC Section head
6. Dr. Ashwani Member
7. Dr. Pardeep Member
8. Dr. Anshu Tomar Member
9. Dr. Anamol Gautam, Associate Professor Member
10. Dr. Vinod Kumar Dhull, Assistant Professor Member
11. Dr. Shalom, Associate Professor - ME Member
12. Dr. Rini Mahajan, Assistant Professor - CSE Member
13. Mr. Syed Mohd Arif, Associate Professor Civil Member
14. Mr. Ashish Kumar, Associate Professor _App. Member
15. Mr. Mohan, Director Training. Member
16. Mr. Anoop, Administrative officer Member
17. Mr. Davinder Singh Students welfare Department Members
18. Dr. Sehbaaz Singh Bagga Medical officer
19. Ms. Manmeet Alumni
20. Mr. Chaitnya Goswami Student of B.Tech Student
21. Ms. Nupur Student of B.Tech Student
22. Mr. Mahadev Halder, Librarian Member
23. Mr. Jaswinder Local Society
24. Mr. Gurmeet Sharma Industrialist.