Engineering as a subject combines mathematics, logic and science to find solutions to our daily life problems. Over the last few decades, engineering as a profession has seen vast expansion. As the people enhance their problem solving skills, many pursue engineering as a career to indulge in finding out the answers to various mankind issues. With a systematic approach, engineering @ CGC Jhanjeri helps a student evolve with learning and knowledge. The number of engineering colleges in Punjab is on the rise and with the increasing number of institutes; the quality of education is also seeing a transformation. CGC Jhanjeri offers a challenging coursework to work on a student’s overall development. The rising competition in the domain of engineering demands a lot of hard work and persistence and with the amount of opportunities that this field has to offer, it opens up various career paths to the students. From the working of a very basic clutch pencil to the working of huge machines and even the communication among continents, engineering has played its part everywhere.


CGC Jhanjeri offers several disciplines of engineering including:

UG Programs

PG Programs


The major advantages of pursuing Engineering with CGC Jhanjeri are:


- Renowned Faculty 
To build the best Engineers in the region, CGC Jhanjeri boasts of brilliant, Interactive and accomplished faculty members. They are not only experts of their industry, but also mentors who focus on holistic growth of our students.
- State of the Art Facilities
CGC Jhanjeri boasts of the best infrastructure to support your ambitions! We have well equipped Labs & Workshops because engineers should have hands-on experience.
- Holistic Training opportunities
To bridge the Industry-Institute gap, we make sure that our students are prepared, not only academically, but we also lay focus on their overall personality development. CGC Jhanjeri runs Special 360 degree Training programs before Placement drives to prepare students to get placed in best Industry.
- Quality Placements 
With a host of Blue Chip companies visiting us every year for placement drives and many industry collaborations, CGC Jhanjeri makes sure that all your learning & passion materializes into an established career.


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