How to Choose a College or University?
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The college you attend will have a lasting impact on your personal and professional life. It is this reason that makes choosing a college so difficult because the stakes of this decision are just way too high. Unfortunately, most of the students select a college on emotions or based on their gut feeling. While, this may not affect your academic success directly, but such an important decision like this calls for a higher level of scrutiny. Before you select your college it is worthwhile to consider a broad range of factors such as academic quality, cost, size, location, choice of majors, campus safety, etc. In this article, we detail the factors as to what you should look for in the college you want to be in.

How to Choose a College or University?

Why do you want to join a college?

Before you embark on your research you should do a self-analysis first as to what you want to be as you grow, where you want to see ten years from now. Answers to these questions are important to decide which higher education program you should take admission in. You may not be aware of the program, but you are certainly aware of your likes or dislikes, this will help you decide whether you should choose liberal arts or a technical field. It is worth mentioning here that you should not go as to what your friends are enrolling in or your relatives are asking you to do. If you are serious about your career, you should sit in a quiet place and decipher what interests you most and go according to this feeling.


Start your search and analysis by checking the accreditation the college or institution has even before you start your leg work. Licensing or accreditation from the concerned authority means that the course curriculum has been verified and it fulfills the basic academic standard for higher education. This information can be seen on the website of the college in the about us or admissions page. In case you are not able to find this information, it is better to email or calls the admissions department, as you have every right to know about this information before taking admission. At CGC Jhanjeri, all the information related to its accreditation and approvals are displayed on the website and you can also call the admission cell to know further details.

Geographic Location

The geographic location of a college has a considerable impact on the overall experience of students there. If it is difficult for you to move around from college to other places than it may soon get irritating for you and you may start to hate the place where you are at. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri has one of the most prime locations as it is nearby to the city beautiful Chandigarh – a hub or hip and happening place. This way students have ample options to relax after study and get themselves refreshed. It should also be noted here that the area around the college is a safe place and there is no problem moving around, although it will be better to maintain your safety measures.

Overall Cost and Tuition Fees

Pursuing higher education is an expensive proposition and it is not just the tuition fees that are to be considered but the cost living and numerous other miscellaneous expenses need to be included. As a rough calculation, the amount of money you will be spending on tuition fees, and at least an additional half of that should be added towards extra expenditure. When compared with other colleges, the tuition fees of CGC Jhanjeri is quite less, while there is no compromise in the quality of education that is imparted to students. The fact that CGC Jhanjeri is located slightly away from the town, there are no many options to spend money on leisurely things. In return, students get more time to spend on their studies.

Academic Quality

This factor is mentioned now not because it carries less importance as compared to the points mentioned above. But, on the other way around, the above points will help you to narrow down the list and you can apply this factor to the remaining colleges. The quality of academics at CGC Jhanjeri is the best in the whole of North India so much so that students are ready to be hired on the job as and when they pass out of the college. There is a sufficient amount of practical and industrial exposure given to students which ensures that they have a complete understanding of the subject that is being taught to them at school. You can also take recommendations from independent analysis websites or forums where people share their experiences.


How good you can grasp the course curricula depends on how well you are taught which in turn depends on the quality of teaching faculty at the college. Unfortunately, there is no easy or direct way to analyze this factor, except for you will have to talk with the teaching staff itself. For this, it is better to pay a visit to the college and try to converse with the faculty members and understand their inclination and their overall behavior. At the end of the day, you need to have good co-ordination with your teachers, and it will be better to know a little about them before taking the admission. How good a college is and how much you grasped things during your college years depends a lot on how good your relationship is with your teachers.

Conclusion – A degree from a college is just like your name, it will stay with you forever in your life and when something is going to stay with you for so long, it is better to take this thing very seriously and do some good research and analysis. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri is a good option for you as it has taken care of all the factors that are mentioned in this article. As you search for a good college, it is recommended to make a visit to CGC Jhanjeri and get to know about the wonderful infrastructure here. Your future will be in safe hands and you will land in a job that you had always been dreaming of with the expert guidance of college.

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