ISHRAE and Students

‘Activities and Installation of ISHRAE Students Chapter”


Department of Applied Sciences, CGC-Technical Campus-Jhanjeri has organized a presentation on ‘ISHRAE (The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and students’ activities’ for B. Tech Mechanical and Electronic students. To enlighten the students about various technical aspects of ISHRAE and installing the ISHRAE student chapter CGC-Jhanjeri, Mr. Ajay Bansal-President Chandigarh Chapter, Mr. Vikram Jaidka- Student Chair, Mr. Deepak Khurana-K-12 chair, Mr. Aneel Duggal-Technical Commtt., Mr. Shaleen Mahajan-Tech. Commtt. and Mr. Ravinder Pal-CWC members were present. Dr. Rajneesh Talwar (Principal CGCTC, Jhanjeri) and Dr. Kiran Utreja (HOD, Applied Sciences Department) officially welcomed the dignitaries of the program and extended gratitude for their benign presence.

The keynote speaker Mr. Ajay Bansal –President Chandigarh Chapter (ISHRAE) in his presentation explained detailed activities of ISHRAE and its network all across the globe. Mr. Bansal also informed regarding career guidance and quizzes at ISHRAE job Junction.

On this occasion, the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) set up its student chapter at CGC Technical Campus, Jhanjeri, Mohali to train future HVAC engineers in India. Mr. Ajay Bansal(President of ISHRAE) shared few words on how ISHRAE can help shape up of the student member’s future if the opportunities they get at this platform are enchased.

He invited volunteers for student chapter role positions where Mr. Yogesh Arora and he took oath as President, Mr. Anderson Jebin took oath as President-elect, Mr. Baljit Singh Sumbria took oath as Secretary and Mr. Venkatesh Sharma took oath as Treasurer along with Mr. Sahil and Mr. Jeeshant as student CWC members.

During the installation of this chapter in CGC Technical Campus Mr. Ajay gave a short introduction about the HVAC sector and emphasized the environmental effects of HVAC apps and inspired the learners to take measures towards energy savings and opportunities in this sector for the students.

Also, he guided that HVAC & R career will be encouraged when student participates in ISHRAE events and activities to further enhance their knowledge.

He added that even if student’s career interest is in another industry, the involvement with the ISHRAE Student Chapter will be an invaluable transferable experience.

Mr. Shaleen Mahajan (CWC Member) and Mr. Vikram Jaidka (Student Chair) gave a motivational speech and briefed the number of Technical Talks, Programs, National Programs as well as distinguished lectures that are being organized in the interest of student members.

Thus by networking with ISHRAE Chapter, mechanical and electronics engineering students will have a great opportunity for young upcoming engineers of CGC Technical campus, to develop their skills in Air conditioning field by getting trained from practicing engineers in the HVAC industry.

Involvement of CGC Student with the ISHRAE will gain skill development, practical experience, professional development and further placement opportunity with this invaluable experience.

On the occasion, Dr. Rajneesh Talwar (Principal-CGC Technical Campus) shared few words of wisdom and thanked ISHRAE delegates for supporting the establishment of the student chapter and also suggested that his students consider it as the first step towards building a career in the HVAC field. S. Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal (President) also appreciated Dr. Rajneesh Talwar (Principal CGCTC, Jhanjeri) and Dr. Kiran Utreja (HOD, Applied Sciences Department) for their endeavors to update students with the core technology and its imperativeness in prospective technological advancement.


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