A world of opportunities opens up in the field of management for Master of Business Administration degree holders. An MBA degree from CGC Jhanjeri gives you a competitive edge and makes it easy for you to make progress in the professional world. Several specializations are being offered in this field of study, wherein students gain an in-depth understanding of the subject matter related to that area or domain. Some interesting factors about the specialization in MBA are as follows –

MBA Courses Types & Specializations List in India

– Specialization in more than 30 fields are being offered in the Master of Business Administration program in India

– Traditional stream of specialization includes finance, marketing, operations management, IT / systems, international management, and entrepreneurship, and professionals are still in huge demand in these fields. For all those who want to stay on the safer and used path can choose to remain in these fields

– Time and technology have resulted in changes in business requirements and this made a direct impact on the subjects that are being taught at business schools. The newer field of specialization has come out such as digital marketing, business analytics, global MBA, etc.

– Specializations in areas such as communications management, health care management, hospitality, and tourism, innovation, etc.

Here we cast some light on the various branches that are there in Master of Business Administration which can help you in making the right career choice.

What is a specialization in MBA?

There are several departments in a business or organization, the functioning of these is complex. Specialization in a given field from a reputed college such as Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri enables students to take up specialized roles in human resources, marketing, or finance. To take such a specialized role it is important to have a complete understanding of the domain and this where specialization helps in. 

An MBA graduate from CGC Jhanjeri will not only have an in-depth understanding of a particular field, but he or she will have comprehensive knowledge of most of the departments in an organization and their working as well. When you opt for an elective it is important to find out your interest area or things that you like to study or what has been your foray of study in the past, and choose your subjects according to that. For example, if you are from a technical or engineering field then it will be good for you to pick up operations as an elective which will help you in working in your professional career. 

How you can choose your specialization for MBA?

Several things are to be considered when you make your decision on choosing your specialization –

– The scope of the specialization that you want to pick, available internship opportunities, and placements that are available in the career ahead

– You should also make a note of the long term career goals that you have, how you are planning to achieve it and how the specialization subjects will help you out

– Find out whether the college that you want to take admission in has the required infrastructure to provide quality education in the specialization that you want to have

Let’s take a brief look at the different specialization fields and to whom it will suit –

  • MBA Finance

One of the most sought after specializations in MBA in finance that focuses on management accounting and control, privatization and international finance, the Indian capital, and the money market. After obtaining a degree in MBA from CGC Jhanjeri with a specialization in Finance, one can take up jobs in financial consultancies, banks, and various financial institutions. Job opportunities are also available in areas such as institutional finance, investment banking, corporate finance, merchant banking, and international finance.

As long as people are conducting business, there will be demand for professionals who have an exhaustive understanding of financial matters. In case you have studied commerce and want to go for an office job and want your profession to be in demand always, then specializing in finance will be the way to go for you. You can reach new heights in the professional world with a Master of Business Administration after obtaining a specialization in finance.

  • MBA Marketing

Another popular trade whose professionals are in huge demand is marketing guys. After obtaining an MBA degree with a specialization in marketing from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri one can get in a job that has an endless amount of earning potential. Just like there is a need for finance professionals in running a business or organization, there are needs for marketing professionals who can sell the products and services that are being offered or manufactured by the business or organization.

The progress rate of marketing professionals in the best when compared to any other trade or field in a company. Marketing professionals get several opportunities to perform and make an impression on their employer, so they can get the chance to progress more frequently which is not available to professionals in other fields. If you want to progress in your profession at the fastest rate, although there are risks associated with it, you can enroll for an MBA in marketing from CGC Jhanjeri.

  • MBA Information Technology

Say thanks to the exorbitant increase in the number of IT companies that have mushroomed in India, demand for MBA Information Technology degree holders has increased at the same rate. In this age when everything is moving to a computer and on the internet, where every company and organization is having a website and operating majority of its business through online means, demand for MBA Information Technology professionals is only bound to increase in the future. 

India has emerged as a major IT hub with numerous multinational companies establishing its operating base here, and this has increased the number of IT professionals or those who have an MBA degree with a specialization in IT. With an MBA degree with having specialization in IT from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri you stand a strong chance to make a high paid and always in demand career for yourself. Several subjects are taught in this specialization that makes the person perfect for the job and creates growth for oneself in the future. 

  • MBA International Business

The world has reduced into a global village, say thanks to the businesses that are operating in multiple countries. As the operation of businesses is moving across the border and something which has become commonplace these days, demand for professionals who have a strong understanding of international business operation has increased considerably. With an MBA degree having specialization in international business you will develop an exhaustive understanding of how international business is being conducted. An MBA degree from CGC Jhanjeri will have all the subjects that will make you an international business professional in the true sense.

All those who like to interact with people from different countries and cultures, and those who never get bored from traveling from one place to another, then MBA International Business is the right degree for you. In case you are looking for a good college that can provide you a good understanding of the subject area than this is the right field for you. This area will provide you with an abundance of opportunities to explore different cultures and yes there are numerous growth opportunities. 

  • MBA in Operations Management

The manufacturing hub of any business or organization is the place where the money is spent to come up with products that can be sold and money and profit can be generated out of it. The process of manufacturing in itself is quite complex and requires people who can understand it thoroughly and make the whole process as efficient as possible with zero wastage and error. Even though it is impossible to obtain zero wastage, still efforts are being to get to this result. With an MBA degree having a specialization in operations management, one can have and provide details on how to make the manufacturing process efficient and get the maximum amount of profit from a business.

At Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri special attention is being given to MBA students wherein they are taken to industrial visits regularly, guest lectures are organized from industrial experts who have a considerable amount of knowledge of the various trades, and international exposure is also given to students. All these arrangements are being made to ensure that CGCians have a thorough understanding of the subjects that are being taught to them in the classroom. It is the reason why the majority of the students at CGC Jhanjeri are hired even before they pass out from the college.

CGC Jhanjeri is one of the most reputed colleges in the whole of North India and it is known for its remarkable placement record. Time and again, CGC Jhanjeri has been acknowledged and awarded for the quality higher education that is being impacted by it. This comes as no surprise as to why the college has made such phenomenal progress in such a short period. In case you are planning to pursue an MBA from a reputed college that can get you a high paying job then you should consider CGC Jhanjeri.

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