Engineering has officially been named as one of the toughest fields of study and it is no surprise that considering an M.Tech as a future career prospect is a tough but excellent option. CGC Jhanjeri offers a two year M.Tech course in various disciplines of engineering including Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electronics and Communication (ECE), which are approved by AICTE, New Delhi and the Government of Punjab.


How does it help your Career?
With the advancements in technology and the continuous trends and developments in the education system, there has been a drastic change in the teaching scenario as well. The prospective professionals are expected to work on high end software and handle core technology with multiple purposes, hence it is a necessity to learn the advanced technologies and concepts which will help them handle such technology with an expertise and experience. Hence, an M.Tech degree not only helps them learn these skills but also opens up several doors of opportunities in various fields and sectors with a higher job success rate. Not only the private sector consisting of various Multi National giants but it also leads to opportunities in the government sector with several job profiles offered especially to M.Tech graduates.
What are the various prospective fields?
Different fields of study lead to different responsibilities and technologies. Going by the disciplines of M.Tech in Engineering, below are mentioned different opportunities in the fields.
  • CSE- System development, data management, software design, management information systems, networking and hardware engineering and application design and development are some of the major options for a Computer Engineering graduate and it takes a lot of skill and persistence to perform well in this industry.


  • ECE- It includes defense, space technology and several research institutes and enterprises working towards a better world. It generates opportunities in telecommunication, firms hiring professionals to design and develop high-end signal processing devices, electronic equipment, biomedical equipment, embedded systems and integrated circuits.
What is the eligibility criterion for admission to an M.Tech course?
Apart from a B.Tech degree from an accredited institute, a highly motivated and driven person with basic skillset and technical knowledge of the field is encouraged to pursue a degree in M.Tech. Anyone looking to enhance their profile with an interest in the technical background and research interests can apply to the said course.
Considering the future prospects and opportunities in the field of engineering, we highly motivate students to apply to the two year full time M.Tech course and earn themselves, a learning of a lifetime along with experience and skill.