CGC Jhanjeri Celebrates World Environment Day

                                                                                                       Theme of “Controlling Air Pollution” promoted

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri in association with State Bank of India celebrated World Environment Day. Mr. Sumit Roy, Regional Manager, SBI was the chief guest accompanied by Ms. Swati Jaiswal, Branch Manager, SBI, CGC Jhanjeri. 

A large number of students and staff members of SBI as well as CGC Jhanjeri participated in this function. The students took out a procession carrying banners of highly meaningful and impressive slogans like “Pollution is Slow Poison”, “Pollution Lethal, Spread Awareness”, “ Be a Part of Solution and not Pollution”, “Let not our future go up in Smoke”, “Kill Pollution or it will Kill us”, “Be fair, don’t pollute the air”.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Roy appreciated the campus of CGC Jhanjeri, for its greenery and upkeep. He told the audience that due to a very large number of cars in the city, the quality of air in Chandigarh was worse than that of Mumbai, but the residents do not feel it because of large number of trees and parks in Chandigarh which absorb the undesirable elements of air. He advised the students to use cycles in place of bikes and cars at least once or twice a week.     

Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President CGC emphasized the need of healthy environment for a healthy mind and body. Dr. G. D. Bansal, Director General said that Tree plantation is a regular feature of CGC Jhanjeri. He informed that the college believes in not only planting a tree, but taking care of the same till it grows into a full fledged tree. He claimed that a large number of trees existing in the campus of CGC Jhanjeri have been planted by our own students and dignitaries visiting this campus.