World Water Walkathon

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri organized a World Water Walkathon at its Campus on March 20, 2021. The event was organized to spread awareness on water scarcity and conservation. Hundreds of people, including the staff and students of CGC Jhanjeri, participated in the walkathon and took a pledge to conserve water.

During the walkathon, the participants were holding placards with messages like “Next World War will be fought for Water, Save Water and Avoid The War”, “Save Water, Save Life, Save Earth”, “Water is precious, save it, “Not Water Drops But Jewels, Save Them”. The event also enlightened people about how to conserve water and how to contribute to the cause.

The Walkathon mainly advocated the idea of rainwater conservation and groundwater storage. Our students explained 5 R theories namely – Respecting water, Retreating water, Reducing water consumption, Recycling water & Reusing water to the residents of nearby areas. They also encouraged residents to stop even small leakage of water as 45 drops of water flows away from a single tap in just one minute. Our students further encouraged residents to reuse waste RO water in the kitchen garden, washing clothes, cars and mopping floors.

Speaking on the occasion, Honourable Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President – CGC Jhanjeri said that “the college performs various voluntary actions that promote the sense of social responsibility among students, as well as, contribute to the welfare of society.”