Solution to Parali Burning Problem

The burning of parali has become a burning issue today. The main reason for burning the parali is the lack of options to dispose of the straw. There, the easiest way is to burn it, which in turn pollutes air over Haryana and other parts of the country. The burning of straw kills soil microorganisms, earthworms and other living body in the soil, harms soil productivity and worsens global climate change. Furthermore, it leads to the formation of smog, which causes respiratory ailments in humans and animals besides raising other health issues.

In context to this problem, students of agriculture department of Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, have come out with an innovative idea to utilise paddy straw and earn money instead of burning it. Paddy straw is a good source of input for preparing substrate for mushroom cultivation. The mushroom species Volvariellavolvce grows well on paddy straw. Mushroom production can generate a good income for farmers, and utilize surplus manpower in rural areas. The organic matter left over after mushrooms have been cropped on rice straw can be recycled as organic fertilizer.

Based on the experiment successfully conducted by the students of CGC Jhanjeri, the entire process consists of four steps. Speaking about the novel idea of the students, S. Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President CGC said that if the experiment of the students is put into practice, this will solve the problem of pollution created by burning of parali. Dr. G. D. Bansal, Director General said that this process is likely to be appreciated by the farmers as it will provide a source of income for them. Dr. Bansal added that the college will put in more effort to apply this idea on a fully fledged field. The idea can prove a breakthrough in solving this burning problem.