As a part of their social responsibility, NCC students of CGC JHANJERI along with other students and staff members visited the Old Age Home (Prabh Aasra) near Jhanjeri, Mohali. ANO Lt. ROHAN DADHWAL briefed them about the objective of visiting this old age home which was helping physically and mentally disabled people in making their life better.

After the briefing, the cadets took a tour of the old age home, met the people living there, interacted with them and presented them some eatables. The happiness and pleasure of the inmates of old age home as CGC Jhanjeri cadets visited them was clearly visible. The students along with the staff members also met with the staff of the old age home. At the end, the students gifted blankets to all the people living in the old age home, and gave them assurance that they will always be available for their help. The staff of the old age home thanked the students and staff of CGC,Jhanjeri. 

Speaking on the occasion, S. Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President CGC, said that the students of CGC Jhanjeri have always extended full moral and financial support to the needy persons. They have been liberally donating cash and materials during calamities like earthquakes, floods, etc., in any part of the country. Dr. G. D. Bansal, Director General said that the management of CGC Jhanjeri helps economically weaker students to carry out their studies under tuition fee waiver scheme, under which no tuition fee is charged from these students. Further, at the time of admission special scholarships are given to meritorious students, children of defense personnel, parentless students, fatherless children, single girl child, physically challenged persons and leading sports persons.