I.I.T. ROORKEE, UTTRAKHAND

CGC-Technical Campus-Jhanjeri organised an expert lecture on “Tips to Success” for the students of Engineering and B.Sc. Agriculture. The objective of this expert talk was to enlighten students about true meaning of success and some of imperative facts which are actually ignored in life. The speaker of this expert lecture was Dr. Navneet Arora, Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, I.I.T Roorkee, Uttrakhand. The talk was attended by more than 600 students of Engineering & B.Sc.  Agriculture and faculty members. Dr. Navneet talked about about different strategies to get success in life. He detailed that to achieve the goal, one should learn to value time and should be keen to respect and love the task/job one is assigned. He accentuated that decision making also plays a vital role in the road to success and in doing so, one should respond rather than reacting to any situation. Forgiving and forgetting were also discussed by him in which the students got acquainted with that they should remove the grudges and live jubilant life. Students got inspired and decided to set a holistic goal so that they can achieve the true success and prosperity. The lecture concluded on how to be humble and grateful by removing all the negativities in our minds so that new and fresh things can be easily grasped which would be helpful in engendering humble citizens in our country. The audience was extremely contented with the information provided by the resource person during his talk.