Innovation by Civil Engineering Students

                                                                                     Prepare solutions for Controlling Traffic Jam at Landran Chowk

With a view to solve the acute problem of Traffic Jam at Landran crossing, the Civil Engineering students of CGC Jhanjeri have come out with novel ideas, first a short term quick solution costing peanuts & second a long term permanent solution needing more money & more time. The students carried out a detailed survey of the site around the T-Junction formed at this crossing. They concluded that the main reason of this traffic jam is a large number of students coming from Mohali and taking a left turn towards CGC Landran, Tangori, Banur etc and almost an equal number of persons taking a right turn towards CGC Jhanjeri, Fatehgarh Sahib and Kharar. The Civil Engineering students of CGC Jhanjeri have identified vacant land available near this crossing. The traffic density can be reduced to less than half if for persons coming from Mohali side, a 7.5 m wide slip road, about 127 m long, is constructed starting from a point about 90 m before this crossing, upto CGC Landran and another slip road from CGC Landran having same width and about 214 m length, meeting Landran-Sirhind Road (SH 12A) as shown in the map of these roads shown above. Both these slip roads costing about Rs. 20 Lakh, will prove extremely useful in reducing the traffic density at this busy crossing. The second solution suggested by these students is a unique flyover designed by them some time back. But this is an expensive & a time consuming proposal. The sketch of the proposed flyover is also shown above.

Commenting on these proposals of CGC Jhanjeri students, S.Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal President CGC said that the traffic density of Landran Chowk is increasing day by day. Although the traffic lights provided by the Govt. have partially helped in controlling traffic at this junction, yet the slip roads suggested by our students appears to be a good solution. Dr. G.D.Bansal, Director General said that the students of CGC Jhanjeri put their innovative ideas into practical projects which are directly useful for the society. It is because of this that the projects made by our students of all the disciplines have won prizes in various competitions at National level, IITs, Pushpa Gujral Science City & other leading institutions.