Rally by CGC Jhanjeri Against Drugs

With the aim of making people aware of the havoc caused by drug addiction, the NCC cadets of CGC Jhanjeri along with other students and the staff members went through the streets & market of Jhanjeri, to carry out signature campaign regarding “DRUG ABUSE”. The campaign started with the arrival of the cadets from the college campus to the designated location. The cadets stood in files and were briefed about the DRUG ABUSE by ANO Lt. Rohan Dadhwal .He told the students that “Drugs are like a knife which kills one’s life”. The cadets took out the rally with great enthusiasm and a great team spirit.

The rally went through the Streets & market of Jhanjeri to make people aware about the ills and malice of drugs. Moving a step ahead, the locals were individually explained by the cadets about harmful effects of drug addiction and how it can be stopped. This philanthropic act concluded with staff members & students taking an oath that they will continue with their efforts to pursue their drug de-addiction drive and motivate the people not to  use the drugs or any other narcotic substance.

Speaking on the occasion, S. Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President CGC said that the students of CGC Jhanjeri have been taking active part in making people aware about various other problems also like malaria, dengue, etc. from time to time Dr. G. D. Bansal, Director General said that various social welfare campaigns like save water, air pollution, noise control, obey traffic rules etc., have been undertaken by the students of CGC Jhanjeri. He appealed to the students & staff members to keep on taking up such activities in future also.