Road Safety Training

With a view to ensure safe driving for minimizing road accidents, the Women Empowerment Cell, Faculty of Management CGC Jhanjeri in association with Honda  two Wheelers India organised a three day road safety training and awareness programme.

Under the programme, all the students especially for female students were educated about the road safety rules.  Mr. Sandeep Gupta and Mr. Amrit Sharma, Safety Instructors from Honda updated them with the current global scenario of road accidents. They emphasized upon the importance of using helmet and proper clothing while driving a two wheeler.  They said that every hour seventeen people die in road accidents in India. As per the global survey, maximum number of road accidents occurs with persons in the age group of 15-29 years and 73.8% of these occur because no helmet was used by them.

Apart from the above interactive session, practical ground training was provided to the students. A Risk Prediction Simulator was used to teach and upgrade driving skills of students. Proper training was provided to students who were new to driving especially for slow driving and taking sharp turns.

In addition to this, the students were informed about safety norms, traffic lights, traffic signs and signals, colour coding and the importance of following speed limits and maintaining safe distance while on road. They were also taught that using mobile phones while driving is extremely risky as it increases the chances of accident to 400%. 

Speaking about the occasion, S.Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President CGC said that accidents do not happen; these are caused due to our carelessness. He advised the students to remain cool and calm while driving. Dr. G.D. Bansal Director General shared his views that over speeding, jumping red light and suddenly changing lane for overtaking other vehicles proves highly risky and  dangerous. He advised that if we avoid such irresponsible actions, it will hardly take a few more minutes in reaching our destination but save precious life of the driver & other.