CGC Jhanjeri is now Lieutenant NCC

With the objective of giving a specialized & purposeful training to its NCC cadets, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri (CGC), sent Mr. Rohal Dhadhwal,The Incharge of NCC Unit of the college for taking  traning at Kamptee, Maharashtra. Mr. Dadhwal went through this rigorous training for three months and passed out as one of the 456 Associate NCC officers from NCC Academy, Maharashtra. Mr. Dadhwal is now Lt. Dadhwal. All the 456 ANOs of his batch were selected out of teachers from all over the country. These ANOs along with the Armed Forces personnel impart Institutional training conducted in Colleges and Schools to uphold the aims and objectives of NCC. They work towards effective Nation Building, by shaping the young minds. 

 During the training Lt. Rohan Dadhwal did excellent work in the Academy. He was the parade 2IC (2nd In Commander) of POP .He was also appointed as course QM (Quarter Master) of Senior Division.He was honored as Best Parade Commander, Best in Drill & Best in Turn Out during the Inter Company Drill Championship by the OTA Commandant Maj. Gen IJS Hundal. During the course Mr  Dadhwal remained extremely active in sports also. He was a one of the playing seven players of Handball team which won first position in the Inter Company Handball Championship.

 Congratulating Mr. Dadhwal. Mr.Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President CGC said that the NCC seeks to promote the personality of young people, their camaraderie, discipline, and secular perspective, spirit of adventure and values of selfless service. NCC also provides an environment conducive to motivating young Indians for recruitment the Indian Armed Forces.

Dr. G.D Bansal Director General said that under the guidance of Mr. Dadhwal, NCC cadets of CGC Jhanjeri and highly disciplined devoted 7 dedicated students. They have been winning record number of prizes in various annual Training camps organized by the 23PB Battalion ropar from time to time.   Becoming a fully fledged Lieutenant is a well deserved recognition of the Mr. Rohan Dadhwal’s sincerity & hard work, Dr. Bansal added.