Recognizing the enormous potential of 3-D Printing, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri organized a workshop for B Tech students. The session was taken by Mr. Varun Sanduja who is currently serving as the Program Manager at Technoplanet Lab, Mohali.  

Mr. Sanduja explained that 3-dimensional solid objects could be produced anywhere just by using a digital file i.e using their digital blueprint and then building the object layer by layer. He explained the applications of 3-D printing in defence, manufacturing, architecture and most importantly, health. He told them that artificial organs for human bodies which work just like the natural ones have been already been created at laboratory level using 3-D printing – a breakthrough achievement. The students were enthused on learning that they would soon be able to produce their own clothes and accessories using personal 3-D printers at home. He detailed them about the scope of this emerging technology and explained how they could use it to innovate on new ideas in the industry and excel in their career. He motivated them to develop technical skills in 3-D Printing for better and better placements in future. The students were also engaged in workshop during a practical session in the Computer Lab by using the software involved in 3-D printing. The students were exhilarated and very keen to research more about this technology. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President, CGC, inspired the students to be the torchbearers of this unprecedented technology and bring out 

 innovative  applications of 3-D Printing. Dr. GD Bansal, Director General, assured the students of all kinds of material and moral support required for 3-D Printing projects.