Course- B.Sc FD
Semester Subject Name Subject Code Faculty Name Link
2nd History of Indian Costumes BSFD201-18 Ms. Deepa View
2nd Indian art Appreciation BSFD202-18 Ms. Liza View
2nd Traditional Indian Textiles and Embroideries BSFD203-18 Ms. Tania View
2nd Environmental Science EVS102-18 Ms. Varsha View
2nd Elements of Design BSFD204-18 Ms. Liza View
2nd Fashion Model Drawing BSFD205-18 Ms. Chandandeep View
2nd Fashion Art BSFD206-19 Ms. Chandandeep View
2nd Pattern Making BSFD207-19 Ms. Navjot View
2nd Computer Application BSFD208-19 Ms. Varsha View
2nd Garment Construction-II BSFD209-19 Ms. Navjot View
2nd Fashion Photography BSFD210-20 Ms. Liza View
4th Fashion studies BSFT-401 Ms. Deepa View
4th History of world costumes BSFT-402 Ms. Chandandeep View
4th Fashion Sketching BSFT-403 Ms. Navjot View
4th Textile dyeing and printing BSFT-404 Ms. Varsha View
4th Design Process Lab BSFT-405 Ms. Liza View
4th Computer Aided Design Lab BSFT-406 Ms. Varsha View
4th Garment Construction-II BSFT-407 Ms. Navjot View
4th Pattern Making and Grading LAb BSFT-408 Ms. Deepa View
6th Knitting technology BSFT-601 Ms. Tania View
6th Production Management & Quality Control BSFT-602 Ms. chandan View
6th Production promotion & development BSFT-603 Ms. Varsha View
6th Introduction To Fashion Merchandising BSFT-604 Ms. Liza View
6th Entrepreneurship BSFT-605 Ms. Deepa View