Course- B.Sc ND
Semester Subject Name Subject Code Faculty Name Link
2nd Basics of cooking (Th and Pr) BSND121-18 Ms. Manveer View
2nd Food processing and preservation (Th and Pr) BSND122-18 Ms. Farheena View
2nd Food packaging (Th and Pr) BSND124-19 Ms. Aashima View
2nd Basics of computer BSND128-20 Mr. Anil View
2nd Environmental Science EVS102-18 Ms. Aashima View
4th Food Standards and Quality Control BSND221-18 and BSND224-18 Ms. Farheena View
4th Maternal and Child Nutrition BSND222-18 and BSND225-18 Ms. Aashima View
4th Research Methodology BSND227-18 and BSND228-18 Ms. Farheena View