Course- M.Com
Semester Subject Name Subject Code Faculty Name Link
2nd Indian Financial System MCOP 201-18 Dr Neha View
2nd Business Research Methods MCOP 203-18 Ms. Ashwarya View
2nd Management and Cost Accounting MCOP 202-18 Ms. Akriti View
2nd HVPE HVPE 102-18 Ms. Geetanjali View
2nd Human Resource Management MCOP 205-18 Ms. Mohini View
2nd Marketing Management MCOP 204-18 Ms. Jasveen View
4th Security Analysis and Portfolio Management MCOP 402-18 Mr. Anshul View
4th Corporate Accounting and Auditing MCOP 403-18 Dr. Reeti Gaur View
4th E-Commerce MCOPGE 401-18 Ms. Ishtpreet View
4th Banking Laws (Elective 1) MCOPBI 421-18 Ms. Ashwarya View
4th Risk Management in Insurance Business (Elective 2) MCOP 422-18 Ms. Tanuja View
4th Management Control System MCOP 401-18 Mr. Anshul View