Course- MBA
Semester Subject Name Subject Code Faculty Name Link
2nd Business Analytics for Decision Making MBA 201-18 Dr. Rajinder View
2nd Corporate Finance and Indian Financial System MBA 206-18 Dr. Reeti Gaur View
2nd Entrepreneurship and Project Management MBA 207-18 Dr. Arshan View
2nd Production and Operations Management MBA 205-18 Dr. Navalpreet Kaur View
2nd Human Resource Management MBA 204-18 Dr. Komal View
2nd Marketing Management MBA 203-18 Ms. Jasveen View
2nd Computer Applications for Business MBAGE 201-18 Ms. Gurmandeep View
4th Product and Brand Management (Marketing Specialisation) MBA 926-18 Dr. Arshan Kler View
4th Corporate Strategy MBA 401-18 Ms. Tanuja View
4th Mergers, Acquisition and Corporate Restructuring (Fin Spec) MBA 914-18 MS. Ishtpreet View
4th International Finance and Financial Derivatives (Fin Spec) MBA 915-18 Dr. Komal View
4th Performance and Compensation Management (HR Spec) MBA 936-18 Dr. Simanpreet View
4th Quality Toolkit For Managers (OM Spec) MBA 954-18 Dr. Navalpreet View
4th Business Forecasting (BA Spec) MBA 964-18 Dr. Rajinder View
4th Workshop on Indian Ethos MBA 403-18 Dr. Rajinder View
4th International and Social Media Marketing (Marketing Spec) MBA 925-18 Dr. Arshan View
4th Supply Chain & Logistic Management (OM Spec) MBA953-18 Dr. Komal View