What is The Future of Education after COVID-19?
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Some are predicting that it will change the way we live, some have also gone on to say that, it has the potential to change human species. It is quite possible, but in what way? Whatever may be our fate, but we all will surely remember this time. Another question is, will something be changed fundamentally in the long run? If it is so then how? It is not the first time that an outbreak is there and the human race has been pushed to a corner. We are certainly seeing changes in human behavior and the decline in birth rate is another thing to be watched out for. It is highly likely that things will never be the same again, and there will be changes in our habits, the way we live, and also the way we study.

What is The Future of Education after COVID-19?

The basic working of school has changed considerably ever since the advent of COVID-19. Some have switched over to the old fashioned method of education through correspondence, wherein the majority of the interaction takes place through written email. Numerous others have tried to create a new setting for schools that is mostly online such as ZOOM. Others are still in between and teaching students through online tutoring and practice programs, along with posting videos. While few others are still trying to get things back to normal and start with the traditional methods of teaching. Some have given the reason that schools have not caused these crises, so why is the need to change them.

There may be changes in the attendance pattern both for the students and the teaching staff as well, with no regular classes organized there will be no sporting activities or cultural activities, things will look much different to what we had been seeing up till now. Since the mobility of the students will be highly restricted, going from one place to another will involve a lot of planning in terms of safety. A large gathering of students will be prohibited at all costs, particularly gathering in auditoriums or at other places. Schools and colleges will have to implement various precautionary measures to ensure the entire educational institution are properly sanitized and no person is showing any symptom of the scary disease. The safety of students will become the number one priority of schools and colleges, as even if one student is infected than the entire class may get infected instantly.

What is the Future of Education after COVID-19?

Pandemics of the past have taught us lessons and made us better acclimatized to live in this world, quite possibly, the COVID-19 pandemic will have the same effect on everyone. All the means and methods that are available now to cope up with the coronavirus pandemic and keep the things moving are not suitable or favorable for everyone. An online educational tool may be suitable for one teacher, but may not be so for the other. How much control teachers have on students and how much students can grasp through these new means of teaching are yet to be seen. The actual result of these new methods of teaching will be seen when the exams are conducted.

Use of Online Teaching Tools – It is quite clear that more and more schools and colleges will adopt online means of education. The wave effect of this will be, most of the students will be having laptops and access to the internet at their homes. As both students and teachers become comfortable with the new means of teaching things will become easier for them and ultimately they will adapt themselves according to the new environment.

A Shift to Fully Virtual Instructions – not to be forgotten are the families of the children who are adjusting themselves according to the change in environment. It may have come as a shock to most of them in the beginning, particularly for the elderly people, for whom this is completely new and something that is never thought of. Slowly they are realizing the fact that it will be the new norm of the coming age.

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri one of the most renowned colleges in North India has taken various measures to keep things moving for students. To begin with, sanitization walkthrough tunnels have been installed by the colleges at various important entrances to the college this is done to ensure that the person entering the college is properly sanitized. The temperature of all those who are entering the college is checked at the entrance gate itself and anyone who is found to be ill is not allowed to come in. This is not all, CGC Jhanjeri campus has 24 by 7 medical dispensary that is manned by qualified doctors, God forbid, but in case some eventuality arises than the same can be attended to at the earliest. Plus, the entire college campus of CGC Jhanjeri is sprayed with disinfectants and thoroughly sanitized.

The Health and safety of its students is the number one priority for the college and it is putting up every effort possible to make the college contamination free. The college also realizes that good education is also the right of students and without which personal growth cannot be thought of. It is quite hopeful that slowly but steadily things will return to normal, although it will take a while to get back to things that were in the beginning. We all are hoping that scientists around the world who are so religiously into researching out vaccination for the disease will come out with something useful for everyone.

Education is one of the necessities of mankind, just next to good health and good food. As there has been a threat to human life by an unknown and a microscopic size organism all other things have certainly taken backstage at this time. We all must get our acts together and co-operate with each other in any way possible to rise out of this global pandemic known as the COVID-19. We wish and pray for the health and well-being of every living being there is on this planet.

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