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The field of engineering is very diverse with varied disciplines such as civil, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering. The career options available to engineering graduates are varied and wide, however, most prefer to pick up a career that is aligned with their engineering specialization and the skills they have acquired. Some additional studying and work experience may be required.

Machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, artificial learning, graphics, and gaming technology, and data analytics are some of the areas where engineers can make a strong career. Engineering is an extensive subject and it can be really difficult to choose the right and beneficial career path given the numerous options that are there to choose from. It is better to choose a field that interests you most, not according to the field that is in demand. Here we take a look at some of the career options that are available for those willing to make a career in engineering.

Computer Science Engineering

The field of computer science engineering is all about the development of software and hardware, which integrates the field of computer science and electrical engineering in a very intriguing way. There has been a commendable rise in job opportunities along with the pay band as well, all because of the sudden boom in the industry in the last decade. When compared with other engineering streams, a degree in Computer Science and Engineering offers the best placement to students, in renowned companies such as TCS, Adobe, IBM, Amazon, Samsung, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering, for enumerable reasons, is one of the most sought after streams of engineering. A B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from CGC Jhanjeri opens up doors for you to take up varied assignments in high profile companies. One can find employment in private organizations such as Honda, Bajaj, TATA Motors, and government organizations such as BHEL, railways, SAIL, etc. Students who pursue mechanical engineering from CGC Jhanjeri learn to develop and design engineering science components that have the ethics and professionalism to benefit the society along with the industry. The professional career of a student is continuously enhanced to solve the various challenging tasks put forward by the organization.

If mechanical devices interest you and if you like creating new and innovative designs, then mechanical engineering is the field for you. A student of Mechanical Engineering can specialize in transportation systems, manufacturing, robotics, nanotechnology, and combustion, etc. You can contact the admission counselor at CGC Jhanjeri to know the best career options.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

An Electronics and Communication engineer deals with the design and development of equipment such as televisions, mobile phones, security systems, imaging equipment, medical scanning, routers, and switching systems. ECE professionals are also involved in the development of equipment in fields such as high speed automated processors and robotics. A student with B.Tech (ECE) degree from CGC Jhanjeri will develop the potential to show tremendous growth in terms of modernization of existing labs, university merit potential, and placement of students, innovation, and patent filing. At this time, it is difficult to imagine our life without electronic gadgets and thus the demand for competent electronics and communication engineers will always be there.

In case electrical devices and their working interests you, if you want to power the technological development that will bring the next phase than electronics and communication engineering is the field for you. Electronics and communication engineering students can specialize in different areas such as power generation and supply, computer system and robotics systems, communications, and media among others.

Civil Engineering

The oldest and yet the most robust career field is that of civil engineering. Making a career as a civil engineer will ensure that your profession will always be in demand with a commanding salary package. Students who pass out with B.Tech (Civil) engineering from CGC Jhanjeri have been placed in reputed companies such as Mount Meru Group, Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd., Leighton India Contractors, Hilti Group, and Samsung Engineering. It is a dream come true to have allowed working for these companies and with the right education and top-notch campus placement from CGC Jhanjeri, such dreams are realized.

If you feel interested in designing and building things, in case you are attracted to hydraulics, mechanics, materials science, geo-techniques, and statistical analytics than civil engineering is the right field for you. Some well-known specialization in civil engineering includes architectural engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, etc.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The future belongs to those companies that can implement artificial intelligence and machine learning in their daily operation. The future is of automation which will surpass manual work to expedite things and make daily operation cost-effective. Those companies who will not be able to transform will soon become obsolete due to over expenditure and thinning profit margin. The demand for qualified AI & ML professionals will reach sky high in the coming time and with a B.Tech. (AI & ML) degree from CGC Jhanjeri you can make for yourself a career of which everyone will be proud of, including you and your family members. Making a career in this field is not easy, but with the right guidance and efficient campus placement from CGC Jhanjeri, things will become hassle-free for you.

Applied Science Engineering

Applied science is not a full-fledged engineering program but it is almost as good as engineering with programs preparing a student to meet real-life challenges. There has always been a consistent demand for applied science professionals and with a graduate degree from CGC Jhanjeri in applied sciences your chances of having a secure and good-paying career increase significantly. Students are provided with an adequate amount of practical exposure that prepares them to take up the challenging assignment on the job and create a distinct niche for themselves. A wide range of career opportunities opens up both in the national and international market in fields such as manufacturing, biopharmaceutical industry, health services, and clinical laboratories, etc.

These are some of the fields in engineering that have always been in demand, no matter what the time and age. If one has academic excellence and adequate practical exposure on how to work on things then there can be no stopping for that person.

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