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The ability to do something by applying knowledge which comes from training, experience, or practice is called a skill. All of us know these typical definitions for students. But when it comes to taking a pragmatic approach towards education, what makes both these factors equivalent? Personality and skill development are imperative along with academics, but the question is why? The current education system prevails with an intention to enhance abilities in terms of performance and therefore is not just marks oriented.

personality and skill development

Career Growth

Academics teach you the technical skills, but it is personality and skill development that are needed to learn the soft skills necessary to succeed in life. It is impossible to succeed with one set of skills. Therefore, students need to be prepared from early on with a set of exceptional soft skills if they seek career growth, development, and success in their professional life. Today, there are many consultants and programs that train students in such skills to help them become better employees.

Future Prospects

Take a scenario with two students: One student is exceptionally talented in programming but lacks proper communication skills and the other student is moderately skilled in programming but has great interpersonal and communication skills. Can you decide which one would make a better impression on a potential employer in placement interviews? The second student has better future prospects simply because his overall skill set is much more advanced.

All-round Development

Education seeks to make not just better students, but better professionals and better citizens of the world. Therefore, it becomes important to help students achieve all-round development while they are in college. All-round development can be the key to become a more well-rounded professional who is able to work in any setting. With globalization bringing companies spread across the globe closer and closer, a well-developed professional with good written, verbal, listening, interpersonal and leadership skills is more likely to be able to work with his counterparts across the world.

Better Leaders

Our country needs students who will grow up to be exceptional leaders and thinkers. How can we achieve this goal? We can do this through personality and skill development to create leaders and managers who do not follow the crowd. While academics gives them the base they need to work in a corporate environment, personality and skill development is the extra boost that will propel them towards success.

Academics provide knowledge and wisdom. On the other hand, skills allow students to drive through their chosen career. An educated individual may not get hired, but a skilled individual is always preferred over a purely academic individual when it’s time to hire. Also, skill development in the student from an early age has a greater impact. This phenomenon can add great value to the workforce of the nation later. Personality development permits a student to be a professional and adopt real work life situations with ease. With international opportunities becoming available at our doorstep, it becomes crucial to meet the global standards in terms of not just work, but also the manpower we hire.

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