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The expedition of providing indispensable learning through continuous upskilling at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri has completed more than 2 decades. Carrying this legacy, CGC Jhanjeri is now NAAC A+ accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in the first cycle with a CGPA of 3.46/4.0.

We at CGC-J encourage students to learn from their experiences and view them as an opportunity to work efficiently. We gave multiple opportunities to students to get out of the classrooms to gain genuine business and industry insights, develop their awareness of workplace culture, and also enhance critical workplace skills, such as positive leadership and communication.

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The most valuable investment that any educational institution can make is to nurture future leaders. The Chandigarh Group of Colleges – Jhanjeri is doing just that by encouraging the next generation of leaders with a vision and mission to bridge the existing skill gap and develop world-class industry professionals

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Bagged 1st prize in Electric National Super E-Go Karting Championship with Project e-Go Kart held at Telangana and first prize won at StartUp and B Plan competition.

1st postion in E-Go Karting


Won 1st Prize in Live Project, Tech Fest UDAAN - 2K19 at Global Institutes, Amritsar and 2nd prize at BRIDGEWEB (Lovely Professional University) in 2016.  


Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri Electronics and Communication
Engineering Students has achieved 1st position in Cricket (Annual Training Camp, 2022) held at Chitkara

Position in Cricket


Got 1st position in the StartUp and Entrepreneurship B Plan competition at DAVIET Jalandhar and participated in the National Level IT Day Rajasthan Hackathon.



  • Awards
    Iconic College Of The Year 2023 by Mr. Harjot Singh Bains
    Iconic College Of The Year 2023 by Mr. Harjot Singh Bains, Hon’ble Education Minister, Punjab
  • Awards
    National Employability Award 2022
    National Employability Award 2022
  • Awards
    North India's Fastest Growing Educational Group
    North India's Fastest Growing Educational Group
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    Excellence in Agriculture Education
    Excellence in Agriculture Education
  • Awards
    Best B-School in North India
    Best B-School in North India
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    Excellence In Campus Placements
    Excellence In Campus Placements
  • Awards
    Indian Education Excellence Award
    Best Placements Amongst Higher Education Insitutes of Punjab 2022
  • Awards
    Most Innovative Group of Colleges 2014
    Most Innovative Group of Colleges 2014
  • Awards
    Best Maintained Campus in Punjab 2013
    Best Maintained Campus in Punjab 2013
  • Awards
    Award for Quality in Placements by ABP News 2015
    Award for Quality in Placements by ABP News 2015

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CCPD (Centre for Career Planning and Development) department at CGC Jhanjeri helps the students in the preparation for the selection process. It has an array of industry associations that have led to an excellent track record of placements. CHANDIGARH Group of Colleges has placed itself in the pioneering position of providing quality placement opportunities, not only to its own students but even for students from various other institutes of the entire north region. With over 50,000 placement offers and 1000 placement drives, the group has emerged as a leader in placements. Every year, the number of participating companies escalates giving students a wider range of opportunities to launch their careers.






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CGC-J is not only in our name, it’s woven into the fabric of this institution. we benefit from the diversity, arts, and vibrant culture of our North Side community.

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Among various facilities, CE students have well equipped labs having prismatic compass, laser distance measurement etc. 

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Facilities for ME students include labs such as heat transfer lab, fluid mechanics lab, computer-aided design lab etc.

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Seminars and workshops are organized for students to provide them adequate industrial exposure & practical experience.

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Well equipped computer labs with over 700 networked computers and support equipment's ensuring a 1:1 ration of all students


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CGC-J values the life of the mind teaching exploration and reflection. These projects show how our community exemplifies the best of experience

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BSc Operation Theatre Technology - CGC Jhanjeri

May 31, 2023

The Top Career Scope of B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology Students: A Comprehensive Guide

What is B Sc Operation Theatre Technology? The BSc Operation Theatre Technology is a three-year graduate program. You can take admissions after completing class 12th in this program. The students interested in joining ott medical course must have biology, physics, and chemistry in 10+2. Operation Theatre course is a new and upcoming field of interest in medicine. Operation Theatre Technology has gained lots of interest in the last decade. As the name suggests, this course deals with complete operation theatre management in hospitals. The primary role of an operation theatre technologist is to assist surgeons during an operation. Roles of the Operation Theatre Technologists B Sc Operation Theatre Technology course trains its students to assist surgeons during an operation. They are trained to handle the different types of equipment in the operation theatre. They are responsible for reading the records displayed on the screens during the surgery. The technicians need to adjust the machines per the patients under the guidance of the surgeons. Their primary role is to assist surgeons, specialists, and anesthesiologists while operating on patients. Why Choose BSc Operation Theatre Technology? If you're looking for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry, then OTT medical course is the best option. In this course, you'll be provided with hands-on training and real-world experience. This course prepares you for the fast-paced and dynamic environments of the operation theatre. You'll learn how to work as a team under pressure. You'll also learn how to operate complex equipment in the operating theatre. Here are some reasons why you should consider BSc Operation Theatre Technology: Exciting and Rewarding Career After pursuing ott medical course, you'll play a crucial role in ensuring the success of surgical procedures. You'll become a part of a team that works together to improve the health and well-being of patients. Job Opportunities The demand for skilled operation theatre technicians is on the rise. Hospitals, clinics, and research institutes offer a wide range of opportunities. You get prepared for various job roles, including operation theatre technician, surgical assistant, and more. Professional Growth You can choose to specialize in a specific area of operation theatre technology. This could include cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, or other specialized surgical procedures. Gaining expertise in a particular field can make you a valuable resource and increase your growth opportunities. Career Scopes of B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology BSc Operation Theatre Technology students are mainly recruited in private and government hospitals. They primarily assist surgical wards and manage operation theatre. OTT medical course combines professionalism, skills, and, most importantly, the ethics of operation theatre. You will be in charge of handling the surgical equipment with care and caution. The operation theatre technologist is required by every hospital that conducts surgeries. These professionals have diverse areas of functionality and are not limited to any specific field of medicine. Wherever surgeries are performed, there is a demand for students who have pursued operation theatre courses. B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology is a specialized undergraduate program that prepares students for a career in assisting surgical procedures and managing operation theatre equipment. Graduates of this program have a range of career options in the healthcare industry. Here is a comprehensive guide to the top career scope for B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology students: 1. Operation Theatre Technician/Technologist: This is the primary role for B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology graduates. They work closely with surgeons and other healthcare professionals in the operation theatre, ensuring the smooth functioning of surgical procedures. They prepare the operation theatre, sterilize equipment, assist during surgeries, and manage surgical instruments and supplies. 2. Surgical Assistant: With additional training and experience, B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology graduates can work as surgical assistants. They assist surgeons during surgeries, ensuring proper instrument handling, wound exposure, and hemostasis. Surgical assistants are crucial in maintaining a sterile environment and providing immediate assistance to surgeons. 3. Anesthesia Technician: Graduates can pursue a career as an anesthesia technician, working closely with anesthesiologists and assisting in administering anesthesia to patients before surgery. They set up anesthesia equipment, monitor patients during surgery, and provide support in case of emergencies. 4. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology graduates can work as EMTs, providing emergency medical care and patient transportation. They may work in ambulance services, hospitals, or emergency response teams, responding to medical emergencies and providing essential life support. 5. Clinical Research Associate (CRA): Graduates interested in research can work as CRAs, conducting clinical trials and studies related to surgical procedures and medical devices. They play a critical role in ensuring compliance with protocols, collecting data, and monitoring the progress of clinical trials. 6. Healthcare Administrator: With further education or experience in healthcare management, B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology graduates can pursue careers in healthcare administration. They can work in hospitals, clinics, or healthcare organizations, managing operation theatre departments, coordinating surgical schedules, and ensuring efficient use of resources. 7. Teaching and Academia: Those interested in teaching can pursue an academic career. They can work as faculty members in educational institutions, teaching operation theatre technology courses and mentoring students. Additionally, they can contribute to curriculum development and research in the field. 8. Medical Device Sales Representative: Graduates with good communication and sales skills can explore opportunities as medical device sales representatives. They promote and sell surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. 9. Quality Assurance Specialist: Graduates can work in quality assurance roles, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards in operation theatres. They may conduct audits, develop and implement quality control measures, and train staff on best practices to ensure patient safety. 10. Further Education: B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology graduates can pursue higher education, such as Master's degrees or specialized certifications, to enhance their knowledge and skills in specific areas of interest. This can lead to career advancements and opportunities for specialization. Students need to explore their interests and aspirations within the field of operation theatre technology and consider additional certifications, internships, or practical experiences to enhance their career prospects. Networking, staying updated with industry trends, and continuous learning are essential for long-term career growth in this field. Admissions are now open for B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology at Chandigarh Group Of Colleges Jhanjeri! Take the first step towards a rewarding career in healthcare by joining our esteemed program. As a student in our Operation Theatre Technology program, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on training in assisting surgical procedures, managing operation theatre equipment, and ensuring patient safety. Our experienced faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities provide a conducive learning environment to develop the skills required for this critical role in healthcare.

 BTech in ECE

May 29, 2023

Exploring Career Options after BTech in ECE

You’ll agree to the fact that humankind, on the whole, thrives on communication. From day-to-day conversations to people's daily lifestyles, communication is integral to developing modern society. Therefore, electronics and communication engineers are the communication system's backbone. As technology continues to shape our lives, the career pathways after ECE is ever increasing.  In this blog, we will explore careers in electronics and communication engineering. Whether pursuing higher studies, join the best colleges for ECE in Chandigarh to navigate the promising paths that await you in the dynamic realm of Electronics and Communication Engineering. How to get a degree in electrical engineering Look for top colleges for ECE in Chandigarh. Consider their reputation, accreditation, faculty expertise, infrastructure, and research opportunities. Review the admission requirements of the institutions you're interested in. Typically, you will need a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification with a background in science, particularly in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.  After B Tech ECE What To Do After completing a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), you have several options to consider for your career and further education: Best Courses after BTech ECE: After graduating from Best B Tech ECE Colleges in Punjab, you can pursue a master's degree (M.Tech) in ECE or related fields. A master's degree can provide advanced knowledge, specialization, and research opportunities. It can open doors to higher-level positions in industries, academia, or research institutions. You can also consider pursuing a Ph.D. if you have a strong interest in research and wish to contribute to the field through advanced studies. Career Options after BTech in ECE: With a B.Tech degree in ECE, you can start your professional career in various industries. Opportunities are available in telecommunications, electronics manufacturing, embedded systems, semiconductor industry, power systems, and automation. You can work as an electronics engineer, communication engineer, network engineer, design engineer, systems engineer, or research and development engineer, among other roles. Career in Electronics and Communication Engineering The career path for Electronics and Communication Engineers can vary depending on individual interests, specialization, and industry. Here is a general outline of a career path that many Electronics and Communication Engineers follow: 1. Entry-level Engineer/Junior Engineer: Roles: Join an organization as an entry-level engineer or junior engineer. Responsibilities: Assist in designing, developing, testing, and troubleshooting electronic systems or communication networks. Work under the guidance of senior engineers and gain practical experience. 2. Design Engineer: Roles: Move into a design engineer position after gaining experience. Responsibilities: Design and develop electronic circuits, systems, or communication networks. Use software tools and simulation techniques to analyze and optimize designs. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful implementation. 3. Project Engineer Roles: Progress into a project engineer role, managing specific projects or assignments. Responsibilities: Lead electronic design, communication systems, or product development projects. Coordinate tasks, manage resources, and ensure project deliverables are met within the given timeframe. 4. Team Lead/Manager Roles: Transition into a team lead or manager position, overseeing a group of engineers or a department. Responsibilities: Lead and manage a team of engineers, assign tasks, provide technical guidance, and ensure project goals are achieved. Collaborate with other groups or departments to ensure effective coordination. 5. Research and Development (R&D) Engineer Roles: Move into an R&D-focused position, particularly in organizations emphasizing innovation and product development. Responsibilities: Conduct research, explore new technologies, and develop prototypes for products or solutions. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to translate concepts into practical designs. 6. Technical Specialist/Subject Matter Expert Roles: Become a technical specialist or subject matter expert in a specific area or technology. Responsibilities: Provide expert knowledge and guidance in specialized areas, such as wireless communication, signal processing, embedded systems, or specific industry applications. Contribute to product development, troubleshooting, and technical consultations. 7. Higher Management/Executive Roles Roles: Progress into higher management or executive positions, such as Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, or Chief Technology Officer. Responsibilities: Oversee engineering operations, set strategic direction, manage budgets, and drive innovation within the organization. Engage in decision-making processes and collaborate with other departments to align engineering objectives with overall business goals. It's important to note that the career path may vary based on individual preferences, industry demands, and educational qualifications. Continuous learning, professional development, and staying updated with emerging technologies are crucial for career advancement in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Admissions Are Open for B.Tech ECE at CGC Jhanjeri! Are you passionate about Electronics and Communication Engineering? Do you dream of shaping the future with cutting-edge technology? Look no further, because Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC) Jhanjeri is thrilled to announce that admissions are now open for the B.Tech program in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). At CGC Jhanjeri, we take pride in offering a dynamic and industry-oriented curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of ECE. Our state-of-the-art campus, experienced faculty, and strong industry collaborations ensure that our students receive a holistic education and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

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